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Inspiring SUCCESS - Personal Development

The site's name was carefully chosen and for a good reason.

My name is Amir Ben Shmuel. My aim, and therefore this site's purpose, is to make you a success story that will inspire you and those around you.

I can tell you even now, the beginning already looks promising.

Coming to this site shows you have the desire and willpower to succeed - believe it or not, you didn't come here by chance.

This site will help you with your journey to an inspiring success, by providing you all the information needed to put together a successful life philosophy and personal development in almost every field, along with the tools to assimilate this knowledge.

It's important to indicate: I'm not re-inventing the wheel - all I do is gather ideas from different sources, basic ideas that were proven throughout human history.

Warren Buffett once said: "Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls-Royce to get advice from those who take the subway".

In this site, I chose to gather ideas from Rolls Royce riding people or at least people of extraordinary stature, people whose success in their field is evident beyond any doubt.

Life's circumstances led me to hear the lectures and reading the vast knowledge accumulated by successful people and people of extraordinary stature, and I am happy to share this knowledge and present it on this site.

This site is designated for everybody whether man or woman, young or adult, college students, self-employed or retired people.

Upon building this website, I took into consideration a few key points I hope will bring you great value:

1. Information on this site is organized by a certain logic and sequence, therefore, it is recommended (at least on your first reading) you proceed to the following chapter upon finishing the previous one, rather than reading the chapters randomly.

2. To make the site reading-friendly, at the beginning of each chapter you'll find a short detail of what will be discussed in it, following is the body of the chapter and at the end - a brief summary. I recommend your first reading to be from beginning to end.

3. I greatly believe in quotes, they're short and usually pass the message sharply and effectively. In this site, you'll find a large variety of quotes, sayings, and phrases that will enrich your reading.

4. Identification - some parts of the site require registration, but all the lessons (chapters) in this course are available to you free of charge and without any need of identification.

I hope you'll get the most out of this website. I invite you to become an inspiring success story.

My goal - to beneficially affect people through the inspiration your success story will incite.

The beginning of your success goes through the Introduction and will continue from there.

I wish you an enjoyable reading.