The (Unguarded) Secret Of The Animals

"The (Unguarded) Secret", there is a reason I wrote that.

The animals are not hiding that secret - we're hiding it from ourselves.

In the following article I will reveal the secret - the animals' philosophy of life:

* What do they think about failure.

* What do they think about faith.

* What they'll do to achieve their goals.

Does It Make Any Sense?

Scenario number 1:

Africa, the lion is waiting for a "comfortable" prey.

Suddenly, he spots a zebra!

After a fast but short chase, the zebra manages to escape.

Later he returns to his family and says to his wife and children: "Don't ask! The grass was really high and made it hard to chase the animals, there was a giraffe that got me out of focus, and if that's not enough today was warmer than usual have you noticed?".

After a pause he continued:

"Since I don't see that is going to change, for now, I decided I'm not going to hunt until further notice and that's final!"

Scenario number 2:

You are with your dog at the park, you throw him a stick and he tries to grab the stick while in the air - without success.

Just before you throw him the stick once more he asks you: "Wait! But what if I won't catch the stick??" or "What will the other dogs say if they'll see I didn't catch the stick?"; After failing a few more times to grab the stick, he leaves the stick on the ground not before he tells himself: "That's it, I've had it! I'm such a loser!! I'm really bad at this!!!", and goes to sit under one of the trees at the park (depressed and miserable).

These stories may be amusing but there are many things you can learn from them - simply because they don't make any sense.

Goals, Tasks, And Success

During the day the lion had a task – get the food.

He's not saying: "I'll try", "I hope" or "Today I'll only practice".

The lion believes he'll get food - there is no other option here.

He'll do everything to get food, the words "excuses" or "blame the…" do not exist in his vocabulary.

What do you think would happen if you'll adopt this philosophy of life?

If he fails - he'll try again and again and again and again!

At this point, you may say: "Well it's clear… the lion and his family depend on the food, it's a matter of existence!" – What do I think? Not necessarily.

The animals are "built" to give the maximum, the best possible they can.

Here is an example that is not existential: playing with your dog.

You can throw a stick to your dog for hours - he will try every time to grab the stick.

If you stop throwing the stick, your dog will give you his "irresistible look", he'll touch you, he'll lick you – in other words anything he can do in order for you to continue throwing the stick.

If he can't grab the stick he won't get depressed, and even his self-confidence doesn't drop down – what does happen? he tries again and again and again.

Imagine a reality where you try to fulfill your dreams, again, and again, and again, and again, until you succeed.

To summarize this issue I'd like to share with you the "Ant Philosophy" as I wrote on - Chapter 11 | The Day that Changes Your Life:

Ants never give up!
If you block their way, they go to another way.
How long will an ant look for another way?
Until it finds one!

How will your future look like if the answer to the question: "How much effort is needed in order to achieve my aspirations and dreams?" would be: as much as it takes.

If you're afraid of criticism ask yourself - Is a dog / lion / ant / bee afraid of criticism?

If you're afraid to fail ask yourself - Is an owl / deer / butterfly afraid of failure?

If you are looking for excuses, stop! - try again, try a different way, try again, consult, and try one more time...

Something To Think About

Look from time to time at the animals around you.

Take a deep look at your pet, beyond the regular game or a caress.

There's plenty to learn from them, there are several characteristic worth adopting…

I will conclude with a quote from Suzuki:

I am an artist of life, my best piece of art, is my life.

Make your life a work of art.


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