Give A Compliment

The following article is devoted to an amazing video clip about compliments I found online, that I had to share with you; the clip is right at the end of the article.

When was the last time you received a compliment that came from the heart?

When was the last time you gave a compliment?

The Ability To Give A Compliment

The ability to compliment a person is one of the ways to turn yourself into a success story - that's besides the great satisfaction from the smile created by the person who received your compliment.

It's easy to give a compliment, it's free and it does a great job whether it is the need to encourage someone, to "break the ice" or just to make a person happy…

The effect of your compliment is much greater than you think, especially if the compliment is given to people with whom you spend most of your time with - it could be the difference between living in a cheerful environment or a depressing one!

Think about it, you entered the office in the morning and the first thing you did was telling your colleague: "Good morning, you look just wonderful today!" or "Hey, the report you sent me yesterday was just perfect and professional" or "Hello, it's really nice to see you this morning" ... feel free to add some more sentences like these…

Now think how the rest of the day will look like.

Think how the rest of the day will look like to a total stranger after you complimented him or her?

You Also Deserve A Compliment!

You are here reading and learning how to become a success story, learning about the power of a compliment – that only means you are a serious, hardworking person who wants to develop and positively influence other people.

If you received an e-mail about this article it's just great.

It means you are a wonderful person because the fact is: someone else thought of you, and wanted to share with you this article. What were the chances to receive this article if he or she hated you?

If you're going to send this article to a friend you are with no doubt a wonderful person!

After all, only a wonderful person like you would want to share with friends interesting information, information that might help them become happier and positive.

Only a wonderful person - like you, would want to spread the news that "a compliment is good for your health!"

Finally, the only thing left to do is to watch the video that was watched over the globe by "a few" million viewers, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

I invite you to flatter people, I invite you to compliment yourself!


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