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The following article is about experts and will answer questions like:

What does it take to be an expert?

What are the two important components to focus on?

What is an expert mentality?

Many of you can probably relate to next story:

Your nephew invites you to play a video game, and he is generous enough to let you take the first round…

You play, you manage to get what is considered by you a pretty nice score, and then you turn to your nephew with a ‘let's see you breaking this record' face.

The next thing that happens is:

[When your nephew crushes your ego!]

[When your nephew crushes your ego!]

The pretty nice score turns into a humiliating score and as round two begins, it turns into a humiliating festival :)

The Process

You played against an expert!

How did your nephew become an expert?

It was a process that had two very important components:

1. He took the time to learn, practice, improve his tactics and he did it over and over and over again.

The answer to how many times he did it is: an insane amount of times!

This also includes an insane amount of times he miserably failed passing level 3, wanting to literally shred the computer into a million pieces and repeating that again in levels 5,8,9,12…

2. He took things seriously by playing against players like him or better than him.

In case you are thinking about it then yes, you are just a rookie and he played with you to have fun (but also to practice what he already knows)!

[Experts in action!]

The Secret Sauce

I'll get right to the point, the secret sauce that allowed your nephew to become an expert is: PASSION.

The only thing that made him try one more time after failing 20 times is passion.

Passion is the fuel that allows you to continue the sometimes exhausting process of becoming an expert, because we all know it's not always sunny out there - it also rains!

Passion energizes you with the needed patience to go through with it, in many cases, it's the difference between a knowledgeable person and an expert.

What About You?

Although I recommend that if you are not doing something you are passionate about, stop doing it and move on to something you do - I also understand that can't always be done (at least not at the moment right?).

If you are currently doing something you are not passionate about, you can start by developing a passion to 'the next move' - the steps that will lead you to your true passion(s).

It's also important to understand that your passion can change and evolve in time - that's OK, sometimes you need taste many flavors to discover what you truly like.

If you are lucky enough to be living you passion - that's awesome!

This article would serve as a reminder for you to take it to the next level - maybe from a hobby to career, maybe from a career to mentoring, there are many ways to master your expertise.

Bottom line: becoming an expert involves passion, patience, discipline, pushing yourself to the next level and repetition.

Develop an expert mentality by challenging yourself and brainstorming with other experts.

Develop an expert mentality by contribution: taking the time to share your knowledge and experience with others - it's a wonderful way to practice and refine your current knowledge.

Develop an expert mentality by keeping an open mind - keep in mind that a rookie with a fresh mind and a different perception - might teach you something valuable just as much as any other expert would.

Remember that becoming an expert is just the beginning, staying an expert is an endless process, but a process you enjoy investing your time and effort.

In other words, here is a nice quote for you to continue thinking about:

Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise.
View life as a continuous learning experience.
Denis Waitley


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