Break Routine

The following article deals with the routine and more importantly, how to break routine.

Routine is a "guest" that visits us on a regular basis... Yes ... Even if it's not on your guest list.

The following article will detail the different ways to deal with routine, and the fun you can have on your way to fulfilling your goals or dreams.

On chapter 3 on the course, you read about the benefits of writing a journal.

If you haven't read it, you are of course welcome to read this chapter - expanding your knowledge base (opens in new window).

The reason I'm writing about it is because sometimes when I talk to people about writing a journal they reply: "o.k. I realized the benefits of writing a journal as a possibility to examine my actions over time, see if I advanced toward my goals, and of course reviewing my experiences and memories... But still, what if I have nothing to write?".

It's called - routine.

Although if you have a goal to which you are directed to, and you are working on a daily basis to achieve it, your situation is much better than a person without goals, ambitions or dreams - but keep in mind the routine will visit you too.

What To Do If There Is Nothing To Write In Your Diary?

1. Back to the basis

The basis for achieving your goal is - the success of the journey that leads you to your goal.

Success is the ultimate goal and also the way to your ultimate goal.

No matter what's your goal, you should really enjoy the way - if you already decided to go that way, why not enjoy it?

The alternative is to ignore what the path to success has to offer you... This can lead to boredom and along with it depression, mistrust and fear may also "visit" you.

Once you understand the above, you realize that breaking your daily routine (any kind of routine), may lead you on the path of achieving any goal - even if you don't see any connection between the activities that break your routine, and your goal.

2. Break routine

The answer to the question "how to break routine?" is very simple - it's really up to you.

True, for most of us, activities like bungee and walking on hot coals will be considered as breaking routine activities...

However, for some people it's clearly not considered as breaking the routine – some would just call it a heart attack... :)

Breaking routine doesn't have to be extreme.

If you sit all day at the office, and at the end of the day you decide instead of driving straight home, as always, to go

for a walk on the beach - it breaks your routine.

If every weekend you go skydiving from a plane, but this week decided to spend some time with your spouse and see a good movie - it breaks your routine.

The point I'm trying to explain here can be summarized in one sentence:

If you don't have anything to write on your journal – do something that will give a reason to do so.

Please note, the article's title is "breaking routine" as in "tie breaker", a term that is used in a variety of fields.

In this case, I mean – "interrupt" the balance.

The balance in this article is your routine - interrupting it from time to time, will not only provide you with experiences and memories to write in your journal, but would also enrich your life.

Breaking your routine may provide you with a good story to tell your friends.

It can lower stress and pressure, make you a more relaxed person, and provide you something so many people just don't have – vitality.

Those are just some of the benefits...

Personal Story

A few years ago a relative invited me to join the launching of a several Alfa Romeo vehicles .

The location: a local airport!

The airport was closed for flights, on the field a selection of cars were waiting for us, along with professional drivers standing by to take us for a ride…

Breaking routine: sitting in the passenger's seat with a professional driver as he is avoiding various obstacles at high speed, changing directions without stopping and doing it all while he is surprisingly relaxed as if he drinks coffee and reads a newspaper! – that's an experience!

True, it's not something you do every day... But it's an experience not to forget.

It's an experience you could read in your journal twice a day, an experience that makes you look for more experiences that boost your adrenaline (and also look for more relaxing ones)... :)

If you think about it, there is no shortage of activities that can transform and enrich your life experiences.

I strongly recommend you to break your routine; I promise your routine won't run away and you can always return to it.

I encourage you to shorten the time between one routine to another.

I encourage you to fill your journal great experiences!

I recommend you to turn on your imagination and enjoy the way to your goal, no matter what.

Remember the term "breaking routine" – this term might turn to be one of your best friends...


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