Just like I wrote on the homepage, I emphasize again – I'm not inventing the wheel here.

All I do is gather basic ideas that have been proven throughout human history, from various sources.

There are no exotic ideas here – but rather fundamental ideas.

Throughout your course here you'll "meet" some main characters including Jim Rohn, his mentor Earl Shoaff, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. You'll also meet Napoleon Hill and other unusual characters.

The main characters all have something in common. They had the privilege to be around people who have a life philosophy educating to success. More than that, they were wise enough to assimilate it too.

The thought of "when I'll be an adult, I'll lecture about success and motivation", never crossed any of the characters' mind. But circumstances of life and people they met with, led them to this field where they share the knowledge they accumulated.

Since there is a lot of information concerning each of the men above and I don't want to wear you out, throughout this course I'll focus on Jim Rohn's life story. However, I will discuss quite a few insights some of these other men have reached.

Jim Rohn's life story:

Rohn was born on a farm, in Idaho USA.

After graduating from high school, he went to college. Merely a year passed by, when he decided he was "smart enough" and quit (one of many mistakes he made at that time).

He was ambitious, willing to work hard and was sure he'll find a job fast enough (which turned out to be true). And so, with a head full of dreams and much ambition, he started working.

Three years later he got married, made a lot of promises, worked very hard and several years later raised a family.

At the age of 25, he began looking at his life in a different angle - his salary was low, he had many promises yet to fulfill to his family, many bills to pay, he was exasperated and far from making any progress in his life as he thought he would.

He was willing to work hard, but that's not where the problem lied. It was clear that what was required was something more than hard work, and he didn't want to reach the age of 60 with nothing at his hands, nothing to show for, like so many people around him.

He thought to himself: "What must I do to change my life?", One idea was to go back to college (since a mere one year of college doesn't look good on a resume...), but now that he was a family man going back to college seemed unrealistic.

He couldn't afford to start his own business at this stage... in fact, money was a major problem in his life right now...

Rohn mentions he recalls losing a $ 10 bill at that time, which physically(!) made him sick. Some of his friends tried to comfort him and said: "Perhaps some homeless who could make good use of that money, found your bill", but this didn't make him feel better...

Some of his friends tried to comfort him and said: "Perhaps some homeless who could make good use of that money, found your bill", but this didn't make him feel better...

He thought that more than anything he's the person who should be finding a $ 10 bill, rather than losing one.

In this current situation, at the age of 25 while he hasn't yet fulfilled his dreams and constantly searching for a way to change his life for the better, luck passed his way.

He has a hard time defining "luck", but in his point of view "luck" was meeting a special and successful person, named Earl Shoaff. Upon meeting Shoaff he said to himself: "I'll do anything to be like him!", thinking what he would actually have to do...

He mentions Shoaff came to like him, and several months after meeting the latter employed him.

He worked at Shoaff's various businesses for a period of 5 years, then, unfortunately, Earl Shoaff died. Rohn mentions the best thing Shoaff gave him wasn't a job and salary, but a life philosophy, basics to a successful life, how to become rich and how to be happy.

He can say with confidence that ideas, inspiration and this life philosophy – proved themselves and still do nowadays.

For years on, he has shared his life philosophy with his business colleagues and saw some good results too.

Rohn describes himself as a businessman, certainly not a lecturer. Passing his ideas by words to others and being able to change many people's lives by it, is a challenge to him and is what brought him to this field.

In this website, you'll get to see and learn what Jim Rohn's life philosophy is, along with my personal highlights and knowledge I accumulated on other people I would like to share with you, plus some interesting relevant stories from other sources like the Bible.

I wish you luck.


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