Control Yourself (Or... What's Your Juice)

Towards the end of the year and the beginning of a new one, I am pleased to share with you a series of six articles of which this is the first.

During the next few weeks till the end of the year, I will publish weekly articles on various topics such as: future, present, rejection, flexibility, coping, making decisions, failure, success and the most fascinating subject - you.

Shall we start?

Chapter | 1

"Much of what happens during the day, happens as a result of external things" - at least some people think that, but how accurate is that statement?

It's hard to say what percentage of this or that happened from an external thing, what percentage is internal or alternatively which one "appeared" first.

However we do have control on our internal source, more then that - sometimes it controls the external things that happen to us.

The following article will deal with your inner resources - what do you contain, and how it affects your life?

First of all, what are your "internal sources"?

Of course the meaning is not the internal organs of your body, but your mental and psychological content.

This content accumulates throughout your life, from childhood to old age.

This is the place to ask yourself whether there is any kind of "inspection" on the content that creates your internal sources.

Are you running any censorship there?

The Orange Story

If you asked yourself: "What does he mean on the headline of the article, what's your Juice?" Here's the answer...

The orange story nicely illustrates the content (the juice) found within you:

A Father and his son worked in an orchard, picking oranges.

Throughout the work, the father noticed his son was depressed, and he had a feeling it wasn't because of the work…

The father asked: "What happened?"

The son replied: "I'm tired! I don't want to learn anything; school is depressing, and the teacher is guilty of that!"

The father said to him: "are you sure the source of your depression is the school or your teacher? Or maybe it's you…?"

His son immediately replied: "Of course they are!"

Suddenly, the father went to the orange bag, took out an orange and passed it over to his son.

Then asked him: "If you squeeze the orange really hard, what would come out of it?"

His son looked at him, looked at the orange, looking for the hidden motive – trying to understand the meaning of the question.

Finally he answered: "orange juice."

"How about grapefruit?" - Asked the father.

"Of course not!" - Replied the son.

"What about apple juice?" - The father continued to harass...

"What kind of a stupid question, of course not!" – Answered his son...

Finally, the father smiled and asked his son: "Tell me please, what kind of juice

comes out of you?"

What's Inside Me?

It's a question you might want to ask yourself on a regular basis.

When someone puts some pressure on you, what kind of juice is coming out from you - is it: sadness, cynicism, depression, hatred and bitterness?

Or maybe: happiness, optimism, kindness and fun?

Yes, some will say: "But the things happened to me turned me into a negative person!" – He or she could be right...

But it does not matter at all what made. What matters is on what you have total control and more importantly, what are you going to do about it?

True, some could ask: "what happened first?" - The fact is (again) it does not really matter...

Here is something to think about:

1. Even if what's responsible for your inner negativity is external, unlike the fact we have no idea how the orange juice got into the orange - the answer to "how it got into my inner mental and psychological content?" Is clear - you allowed it to come in.

2. The good new is this: as opposed to orange, where no matter what, the only thing coming out of it is… orange juice - your mental and psychological content can be changed.

Moreover, once you change your content it is most certain that your external circumstances will have a dramatic change...

Makes sense doesn't it?

If your colleague at work "contains" juice which includes depression, bitterness and anger - what are the chances you invite him to play poker Friday night?

If your colleague at work "contains" juice which includes joy, optimism, kindness and a desire to help - what are the chances now, to see him Friday night at the table with you dealing some cards?


So how can we sum up the subject?

If you do not like your juice - replace it.

If you're pretty much satisfied with your juice - make it taste better.

If you like your juice - excellent! Now let the others drink it - help others to make their own delicious juice. They will thank you for it and you will earn a pleasant person to hang around with.

I invite you to visit here next week to read the second chapter in the series.


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