What Kind Of Reality Are You Buying?

There is a famous expression that any freshman on social studies would recite, even if you'd wake him up in the middle of the night...

True, he'd probably throw a shoe at you first, followed by a "juicy" curse, probably even ask you if it couldn't wait till morning... But after calming down he'll say: "There is no such thing as 'one' reality".

The following article will deal with the reality people are selling you on a daily basis but more importantly, what kind of reality are you buying?

I choose to begin with the conclusion of this article:

I claim there is only one reality - the reality you choose to buy.

Economic Crisis For Sale

Say you meet your friend, he (and many others it seems) may tell / sell you the reality, that there is a world economic crisis and things are bad!

He may add corresponding evidence (newspaper clips, a reference to economy experts or statistics for example) to reinforce his statements, so apparently there's no room for argument.

Would you be surprised if a little research on your part, revealed that even today, just as it was during the Great Depression last century, this crisis "created" quite a few millionaires?

What if I told you that this is just the right time to invest and study, if only for you to be ready to act with no further delay (and reap the fruits) when this crisis ends?

Take my advice: when a friend sells you a crisis, refuse his generous offer.

Buy opportunity.

Think about the difference between a reality that its keyword is "crisis" and a reality that its keyword is "opportunity".

Pessimism For Sale

During a conversation with a family relative, he (and many others it seems) may tell / sell you that investing is useless because:

"The rich will always be richer and the poor will fall deeper into poverty" or "the government takes all my money through taxes anyway" or "in the end we all die" or "you will end up a sucker" or... any other million reasons...

As evidence, he'll give you countless testimonies that will strengthen his case.

Would you be surprised if a little research on your part would reveal that human history is full of people who managed under impossible circumstances to become a success story, circumstances that make all of the "reasons" above a joke?

Imagine how the world would look without investments, in any field.

Take my advice: when a family relative sells you pessimism, refuse his generous offer.

Buy self-discipline, courage, persistence and patience.

Don't forget to show that person the fruits of your success.

Your Friends, Surroundings And The Real Truth

People will try to sell you their reality on a daily basis.

Pay attention particularly to people that are close to you, take into consideration people who want the best for you - what are they selling you?

Are their good intentions really doing you any good?

Notice the TV shows and the movies you see, notice the books you read.

People will try to sell you a reality, even from far away...

Do you occasionally examine the impact your friends have on you?

Are you expanding your social circle of friends who sell you a reality which may promote your personal development?

Throughout the article, I wrote: "and many others it seems" - often it appears that since "everyone thinks so" (another disputable assumption), it's the truth.

Is that so?

* In the past everybody thought it's impossible for man to go from one place to another by air.

* In the past everybody thought the only way to talk to each other was face to face. Who would have thought about the phone, let alone a cell phone?

* In the past everybody thought that a reality, in which women had no right to vote, made sense and was normal.

* In the past the reality was if your father was a carpenter, it was your future too. Same goes if your father was a slave…

History can certainly teach us quite a bit.

Feel free to draw your own conclusions from the written above.

Finally, a few points to think about:

* Have confidence in your reality. If you don't – don't be shy to change it.

* Analyze your reality once in a while. Does it take you to your 'destination'? If not, don't be shy to change it.

* Don't apologize to others, for a reality that encourages your personal development, but is opposed to their reality.

* From every person you meet, take (what are in your opinion) the best things in his/her reality and create yourself a reality that answers your needs, dreams, expectations, aspirations, goals, and values.

* Make yourself a habit, sell a positive reality – it's a great way to set your conscience to create such a reality.

* Don't forget to show those around you the fruits of your success - not in order to reveal their mistakes, but to show them that there is another reality, maybe even a better one.

* Don't be offended if someone doesn't buy your reality – it's not supposed to be suitable for everyone, sometimes that's exactly what makes it right for you...

So... What kind of reality are you buying?


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