Procrastination & Future

Chapter | 5

The fifth chapter in a series of articles to the end of the year, will be about the connection between your awareness to the future, and your personal development.

One day as I read the newspaper, I happened to read an excellent article on a study conducted by the philosopher Daniel S. Milo, about awareness to the future. Not long

after… I began to think about his findings...

About The Study

Milo, a professor at the school for higher education in social sciences in Paris, tried to answer the question: "What makes us constantly restlessness?"

During the study he read over 30 thousand pages on biology and finally - it came, here is a quote from his words: "It took me quite a long time to realize the thought that brought me to the wild discovery about the future".

If so what is the study's conclusion regarding the question of what makes us constantly restlessness?

His answer is: the future.

Here's another quote from his words that explains the matter:

"The person that invented the future, is the man who came one night out of his friend's cave and said: "See you tomorrow…"

(You can read more about the study in his book "The Invention of Tomorrow")

This is undoubtedly a discovery, if only because it offers a different way of thinking about our behavior.

We, unlike the animals for example, consider not only "what am I doing now", but also "what will I do later".

This issue raised a few questions and thoughts that led me to some kind of "enlightenment":

Man Invented The Concept Of Procrastination...

Take a moment or two...

Have you ever seen or read about an animal that said: "I don't want to do _____ now!" not because the animal doesn't want, but because of the lack of desire / power? I didn't...

(Feel free to surprise me of course)

Certainly there are animals living in packs and in some situation, one of the animals in the pack doesn't want for example, to go where the pack leader wants to go - in this situation the pack leader will force that animal to do what he wants but it's not the case here.

There is a difference between wanting and a desire / will, and regarding this issue I've never seen an animal procrastinating…

Lets forget for a moment situations such as someone asking you if you want to make coffee...

That doesn't count… What about other situations?

Situation (1) for example:

Dan received a check for total of $200 and the check is "sitting" in the drawer for a month.

Common sense says that Dan has a clear interest to deposit the check, then why is it still not in the bank?

One possible answer is - because he can deposit the check tomorrow.

Situation (2) for example:

Michelle decides to start tomorrow a diet. Tomorrow becomes today, the day passes by until it's finally over, and the diet?

It also went away along with the sun...

Common sense says that Michelle has a clear interest to lose weight on its physical and mental implications this has.

True, there can be a variety of reasons why she didn't start the diet, but what if tomorrow she gets a message that if she won't do it, she might die?

If so, one answer that can explain why the diet was postponed is - she can start it tomorrow.

Situation (3) for example:

John decides that he takes himself together and starts a financial plan to deal with his debits.

On the first day he buys the best books on the subject and begins to read the first book.

On the second day, his good friend mike suggested he'd come over for a beer. What did he do?

Of course he can not refuse a good friend and anyway, there is tomorrow for that, right? and the day after tomorrow... and...

Common sense says that John has a clear interest to pursue his plan, a clear interest to have more money in the bank, so why is this happening?

One possible answer is - because he can do it tomorrow.


There is nothing wrong in the future.

Professor Milo also says that:

"This invention (the future) has made a trivial failing creature (man)... someone everybody should be afraid of"

"We are dangerous because we can plan, we can identify problems and write plans to solve them"

(My additions are in parentheses)

I would have written along the word "dangerous" the word "blessed" - or with other words:

The ability to be aware of the future gives us the power to plan - for better or worse.

The ability to be aware of the future - lets you use the option of procrastinating in the present.

Alternatively you have the option to use the awareness of the future, in order to plan an improvement of your future present time.

* You can deposit now the check and enjoy it tomorrow.

* You can start your diet today and enjoy tomorrow a better overall feeling, and ultimately good health and a sexy body.

* You can learn today how to improve your economic situation and invite your friend (with beer) to come and learn as well.

We have an extraordinary ability, an ability that no other creature has.

How are you taking advantage of this ability?

I invite you to visit here next week to read the sixth and final chapter in the series.


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