Chapter 11 | The Day that Changes Your Life - Part 2

(Part 2 out of 2)

Questions you should ask:

1. Why: Why should you make an effort and do this? Children always ask 'why', you should try doing it too.

Ask yourself why get up so early, why work so hard, why read so many books, why get to know so many people, why go so far, why earn so much, why donate it all back, why bring about self-discipline?...

The best answer I can give you is: Why not? which leads me to the next question.

2. Why not: What have you got to lose? Why not see how far you can go, how much you can earn, how much you can read, why not see how much can you share?...

Why not see what kind of person can you become?

3. Why don't I: We know of people worldwide, who've done amazing things in unbelievable circumstances! Why don't you?

Some people are so successful, they're entitled to see and try everything - why don't you?

Why don't you watch the sunrise on a beautiful beach in Scotland?

Why don't you 'consume' history at a museum in London?

Why don't you eat a tasty breakfast at one of the cafes in Paris?

Why don't you stroll through the beautiful gardens of the Palace of Versailles?

Why don't you take a close and profound look at Leonardo De Vinci's Mona Lisa?

Why don't you take a cruise to the Caribbean islands?

Why don't you go see the world's most beautiful shells, off the coast of Australia?

Why don't you go on a shopping spree on Fifth Avenue in New York?

Why not go for a walk on the beach, having this wonderful feeling knowing you're seeing the results of your self-discipline?

Why not have this unique awareness to life?

This last question is the key to action:

4. Why not now?

Why postpone a better future? Start today. Read books, work on a new plan, set goals, ask new questions and reach new solutions. Make an effort and start it all - now.

Let nature help you.

Plant the seeds in the garden and nature will make sure they get sun and rain.

Now that you've read all the theoretical and philosophical substance – all you have to do is take action, practice and make that extra effort.

A Personal note:

* I urge you to make an effort.

* I encourage and ask you to examine your relationship with the people around you.

* I request you to set achievable goals for yourself, start your journey to self-development and the opportunity to reach economic independence, by following the plan you assembled earlier.

* I beseech and invite you to enjoy life while searching how to improve them.

* I recommend and prompt you to constantly seek knowledge, in order to raise your value as you see it.

Work on all these areas, and I mean really work on them – because we all know the saying 'easier said than done'.

Easier to promise than carry out.

Easier to pretend than actually do it.

Easier to make a plan than act upon it.

I urge you not take the easy way out, but to do what it takes to bring success into your life.

Those who enjoy wealth lack joy, those with happiness lack wealth and those who are not happy and not rich – probably ignore some or all the basics you've read throughout this site.

Maybe they're too busy, too lazy, too tired… maybe even too wealthy to consider these basics.

Don't you be one of them too.

Start working today on the things you've read here, and commit to yourself - for yourself.

The results will certainly be fulfilling.

I guarantee it simply because others have proved it already...

Do something out of the ordinary - I'll be glad to hear from you in the future.

Good luck!

Chapter summary:

* Ideas are waiting for the day when your emotional investment will wake you up to life.

This will be the day that changes your life.

* Be smart enough to understand that life has its "crying" moments too, negative things as well as positive ones.

* Ants never give up!

* Do not overlook, learn to recognize the dangers and learn to deal with them.

* Disgust is a negative emotion, but it can have a positive effect (maybe even a crucial one). What I mean is when you say to yourself, for example: "No more! I've had it!!".

* What an inspiring day is the day you come to make a decision.

* Keep an open mind to all experiences of life. You can never know what will ignite that change in your life.

* Taking action means doing or making something.

* Learn to help people in their lives, not only in their work.

* Questions you should ask:

1. Why?

2. Why not?

3. Why don't I?

4. Why not now?

* Do something out of the ordinary - I'll be glad to hear from you in the future.


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