Know The Future

Can you identify with some of the sentences below?

"My life is too important to be just a coincidence…"

"My future is not something I want to be determined by 'circumstances'…"

I’d like to dedicate this article to the following subject: Your Future.

At the end of the article, you will know your options regarding your future:

1. Knowing accurately what will be your future.

(In the article you’ll find that it's not always the best option)

2. Be uncertain about your future.

(You don’t need this article to know that it's not desirable, but better than option No. 1 Assuming your situation is not good)

3. Know quite clearly what will be your future.

I’ll Tell You A Secret...

Imagine the following situation:

You are sitting with a close friend, that tells you how much he’s dissatisfied with his life.

Moreover, he tells you specifically what’s "not working" for him right now, in a variety of fields!

If you ever experience such a situation, you might want to tell him the following:

"I’ll tell you a secret - I have the ability to predict very accurately – now, how your life will look like in five years: "exactly the same as now…"

Then you may add:

"In fact, you don't need me to know for certain what your future will be in five years - just keep on doing exactly what you're doing now".

This insight is correct rather you are satisfied with your life (if so, continue doing the same), or you suffer from anxiety and worry considering your way of life (if so needless to say - you should make a change).

This close friend can be your best friend, a relative, a co-worker and... You.

Absolute Uncertainty

Absolute uncertainty about your future will occur when you decide to change (consciously or unconsciously) your way of living - without a serious examination of your goals and aspirations.

Uncertainty will also occur when you have no definite plan for executing these goals and aspirations…

In this case, if your situation was not that good – it may change for the better, note that the emphasis here is: it may.

This situation is an "intermediate stage" yet it's not really better than the previous situation mentioned above.

Now is the appropriate time to write the sentence from the beginning of the article, in the form of a question:

Do I want to leave my future to circumstances or coincidence, or do I want to steer my life toward a better future, a future I choose?

Controlling The Future

Your life is like a river, if you do nothing they will flow in five years to the same place to which they are flowing now.

If you just do "something", instead of caring out a specific plan - the river of your life may change direction.

Even if it will, it's not certain the flow will go to the direction you desire...

Only if you follow an organized plan designed in accordance with your goals, aspirations, and dreams - you can control the direction in which flows the river of your life.

The ability to determine the direction of your life, the ability to determine how your future will look like is not miraculous.

It's a result of a specific program that carries out your goals, aspirations, and dreams.

Ask yourself: what kind of future I would like for myself?


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