Beat The Polygraph

Faith is one of the most important elements in your success.

In this article, I chose to write about the polygraph machine as a typical example of how can you beat it with faith.

Not any faith, but faith in a level that can make you a successful person.

A Little About The Polygraph

Before I'll go further, if you'd like you may read more about the polygraph in Wikipedia - here. (opens in a new window)

Since this website is about success and not about the polygraph, I will write here the most important paragraph related to this article from Wikipedia:

A polygraph (popularly referred to as a lie detector) is an instrument that measures and records several physiological indices such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, breathing rhythms/ratios, and skin conductivity while the subject is asked and answers a series of questions...

If so, the physiological changes may not be controlled by us (or at least are not controlled by the average person), but deciding what is true or false, is a very flexible decision as I'll demonstrate immediately.

There Is No Absolute Truth!

Every freshman that studies sociology and psychology will tell you that...

Now you know it as well... :)

Someone says you are a successful person.

Someone else says you're a failure.

Who's right?

The answer is: who you decided to be right according to your values and beliefs.

(Depending on that, they can also be both wrong...)

Why is faith such an important key to your success?

First, because if you do not believe you will succeed on whatever it is you want, your actions will be accordingly…

Second, if you completely believe in your success - it will motivate and help you overcome the "bumps" in the form people "who know better", people who "encourage you" (to fail) and other excuses.

Back to the polygraph:

1+1 = 2 Do you agree?

You don't have to...

Say for example you believe that... 1+1 = 3, you absolutely believe it!

Now imagine the following situation:

* You are connected to the polygraph.

* I ask you: "1+1 = 3 True or false?"

* You reply: "Of course it is true!"

The polygraph will believe you.


Because as far as you are concerned, you didn't lie; Due to that fact, no physiological changes occurred to indicate a lie, that's simply because a lie did not occur – again, as far as you are concerned.


Because you believed beyond any doubt that 1+1 = 3

No One Owns Your Thoughts (yet)

Yes, I really don't know what will happen in a few decades... Currently, no one can control your thoughts - but you.

If you believe beyond any doubt that you will be successful; if you believe it in such a level that no matter what, no one can move you from this thought - you've done 90% of the job towards success, in any area of life.

It can be in a relationship, career, business and anything you want.

Remember - people can try to influence you, but it is you who choose what to think and what to believe in.

How do you check your beliefs?

Simple, find a polygraph, a skilled operator and check yourself... :)

(and on a more serious note)

When it comes to success, your dreams, and aspirations - you answer only… to yourself.

You know when you are lying; you also know when you are telling the truth...

Certainly from time to time there are moments of doubts, we are all human beings.

Occasionally it's even good, because it is an excellent opportunity to test the strength of your belief, to upgrade it and develop it.

Sometimes doubts can push you forward, develop you and open the doors of a new opportunity.

Remember also that your perception determines your response to events and situations that test your faith, and that is why your perception is so impotent.

I strongly recommend you to practice the art of faith - remember this is one of the main keys to your success!

The best lie detector machine is your inner lie detector machine.

Now the question is: Are you ready to test your faith in the best lie detector machine that exists?


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