Choosing Your Friends

How much time we devote in a lifetime to the thought "who are my friends?"

What are we doing with the answer?

How mush time you devote for "selecting" the people who can affect you positively or negatively?

People that may take a central part in "shaping" your personality?

There are some things in life we just can't control; the question is what we are doing about the things we can control...

The following article is about friendship, influence, things you have control over and the action you should take.

The Ability To Choose

Not all of us were born into a loving and supportive family.

It doesn't change the fact that you can't choose your family. (For better or worse)

Among the many choices we do have control over, there is one which is very important:

The ability to choose our friends.

The ability to choose friends allows us to do a few things:

1. Say goodbye to those people who are under the category of friends, but aren't really…

People change, you change.

There is no point to keep an "empty" friendship just for the record...

I won't get into the definition of who is a friend, or what are the things that make a person – a friend, since it varies from one to another; However, there are some basic rules to help you determine the nature of a friendship, and you can read about them in Chapter 7 of the course, which deals with the principles of Interpersonal Communication.

The bottom line is, if you don't feel that the person is filling the role of friend or worse, he/she does exactly the opposite - it's time to decide what are you going to about this friendship.

2. Choose new friends.

There are all kinds of friendships; some close, other less.

There are those whom we talk \ meet on a daily basis and others that are less frequent like once a week or every few months.

For one thing, there is no debate - there is no limit on a number of friends!

With that in mind, remember that quality is what counts, not quantity.

The desire to make new friends may change your approach, often unconsciously - each person is an option.

People who adopted with open arms the desire to make a new friend have changed their approach, and over time they began to look for the virtues of the man they just met, rather than look for faults.

Making new friends – remember it's one of the keys to success.

This, of course, leads me to the next recommendation...

A Warm Recommendation

This recommendation is not meant for everyone, but it certainly can enrich your life:

A Pen-Pal.

In the past, this "phenomenon" was more common.

Today, in the era of social networks and the need to have it all now, caused many to forget the magic of it.

Pen-Pal is a person (often a stranger), with whom you can correspond on issues that you wouldn't speak about with others for all sorts of reasons.

Pen-Pal is someone you can write about topics you just never talk with people in your immediate social circle...

In short, a Pen-Pal is someone you can discuss about anything! :)

Although the social networks era caused many to forget this concept, they have also increased the accessibility to correspond with people all over the globe.

To correspond with someone from another country is a special opportunity to meet new people and cultures - you might not otherwise know.

Many agree that when it comes to a complex issue, sometimes it is easier to talk and consult with a stranger.

A stranger has no coherent opinion on you.

A stranger doesn't have the "history book" of your life, and there is no concern that the problem or the secret may "leak" out...

A stranger may give you a fresh perspective, another angle to look at the subject.

Today there are many Pen-Pal websites that are there to do all the above - to connect with people who want to meet and make a new friend.

The Internet is full of stories about special friendships developed between people from all over the world.

Consider this recommendation seriously...


Do you have a loving family that is there for you? Do you have great friends?

Don't take it for granted, because it's not.

A friend is someone that may affect your life as (or even more than) your family.

Unlike your family, you have control over who will be your friend and who will not.

Always look for new friendships, the desire to meet new people can change the attitude towards them.

Nourish your current friendships – they get better over time, like good wine.

Finally, a few points to think about, and along the way ask yourself - what kind of friend are you?

* Friends are those fantastic people who know all about you all still love you.

* Friends are those who come to you when everyone leaves you.

Be surrounded by good friends - It's up to you.


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