Awareness To Success

Fact - During the day, you are aware of the things you think about.

Is the word success on your "awareness list"?

The following article is about awareness to success; with the help of various examples, I hope that eventually there will be no doubt that awareness to success, is a necessary step on your way to fulfilling your goals.

Suddenly Appears?

Are you familiar with this situation: you are looking to buy a car and no matter if the car is rare or not, the result is a sudden feeling of wherever you're not looking - you see this vehicle?

How often you meet smokers that are convinced everyone, or at least most people - smoke, because wherever they look at - people are smoking!

How many times did you hear on the radio your favorite song over and over again?

So what happens?

Someone is "beaming" you all types of vehicles you are looking for, exactly to the places where you hang out?

Some force with super powers gathers all the smokers in one place?

The radio producer and you have the same taste in music?


But here's another explanation:

- Your eyes look at what your brain tells them to look.

- Your ears listen to what your brain tells them to listen.

- There is only one person (for now anyway) that controls your brain – you.

Whether it's car, a song or a blond man/women with blue eyes... The brain gives a command to look for exactly what you define it to look.

The Awareness Test

I invite you to watch the following video:

Your task: Count how many times the ball was passed between the white team members.

If you don't want to ruin yourself the experience, stop reading the article and when you're finished watching the video, scroll down to continue reading.

If you read the text that appears in the video, you probably understood there was something else in the video besides the "mission" given to you...

Have you seen the black dancing bear at the first time you saw the video?

Here is the video again:

The Connection To Success

A person that the word "success" is not in his "awareness list" probably won't see or hear success, even if it's standing in front of him shouting "I'm here!!"...

A person that not only the word "success" is in his "awareness list", but in the same list there's an organized plan to achieve his/her goals – that person will surely see the path and hear the "hints" that will lead him toward success.

You have dreams and aspirations, I'm sure!

How much do you think about them?

Are they classified as a distant dream or utopia?

Do you have a plan to achieve your dreams or aspirations?


Your brain is a wonderful machine, it's your chief operations manager!

Give him a task, and he will gather the necessary resources – you won't find a more diligent worker than him!

(But only if you, his boss, are as diligent as him)

If your awareness list includes words like depression, bitterness and lack of desire - that's exactly what your chief operations manager will act upon, to deliver "your order".

If your awareness list includes words like happiness, success, and goals (as detailed as possible) - it's also what your chief operations manager will act upon – in order to make you find exactly what you requested.

It works both ways as you can see...

Here are some facts to keep in mind about your chief operations manager (your brain / mind):

* You decide what will be on the list, not him.

* He won't give you any advice; it's you talking to yourself.

(This is not bad, but be aware that it is in fact - you)

* If "nothing happens" it's a sign that your goal is not detailed enough or you don't have any faith in it – in that case, if you (the CEO), don't have any faith – why would your chief operations manager will?

* You can not fire him...

I encourage you to write an "awareness list", a list that will allow you to see things that are right in front of your eyes, yet usually hidden from you…

I invite you to use your brain and make him a chief operations manager that will make his boss proud!


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