New Year's Resolution Project

What is the reason of making a New Year's resolutions, and what are the steps to making a decision that will influence way beyond that?

Why there's no need to worry about change?

What will make you happy?

"New Year's Resolution Project", I invite you to a series of articles under this title.

The project will be spread over a period of a week, hence its name, and will include an introductory article which you'll find below.

Immediately after, in the middle of the week, another article will be published, and at the weekend a third and final article will be published along with some operative tips to turn what you read into action.

So, without further delays, let's kick this off together, starting with the introduction.


What makes us want to make a New Year's resolution?

Why do we embrace this tradition to make decisions about our lives, in the beginning of a new year?

One answer may be that we all want to be happy and successful and so, the beginning of a new year gives us the concept that we get a new / blank page to start with…

Here we have a point worth paying attention to: getting / buying things won't make you happy over time, so in fact this is good news at hard economic times…

A new relationship too, may at first feel exciting - but if you don't invest in that relationship, that excitement will indeed pass... What will keep it? Development and improvement!

In fact, this is the main topic of the article: happiness = development and improvement.

Here's a question to think about: do you remember a situation in which you were willing to go through hell and back, while being happy about it, simply because you knew you were actively improving your situation?

If we succeed to develop and improve on a regular basis, we'll feel vitality and happiness in a totally different level!

A Word About Change

People say: "I'm working on my change", but here is the great paradox – there's no need to worry about change!

Change comes naturally!

Your body will change with time, whether you want it to or not.

Economy will change, regardless of how you want it to be.

The weather will change.

Relationships change.

Almost everything in life changes – you don't have to work on change…

Change comes naturally, but improvement and development aren't self-operating.

Decision Making

Consequently, in order to improve, you first need to make a decision and not hope for it…

When a New Year begins, this is more or less what happens with most of us – we don't make a list of decisions as a the New Year's resolutions, but more of a list of wishes, don't we?

What we hope will come true...

Here lies the difference:

When you hope for something, you're not really committed to it. If it happens, great! If not, then of course there is disappointment, but in the end it's not that bad...

To make a real decision is to be committed, it means there's no other way and this is what's going to happen!

It's to avoid any other option and to strive for what you've decided!

It's to burn the bridges you've passed before, so that there is only one way to go by - straight toward the goal, because there's no other way.

That being said, what does making a decision to change require, not only for the New Year, but for a lifetime?

I will elaborate on that in detail, on part number two of the project.


* Getting / buying things won't make you happy over time.

* Happiness = development and improvement.

* There's no need to worry about change! It comes naturally.

* The New Year's resolution should be a list of decisions, and not a list of wishes.


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