Chapter 9 | Nurturing Your Lifestyle

(Part 1 out of 2)

In this chapter I'll discuss:

* The meaning of lifestyle

* Designing your lifestyle

* Dad with a new style...

* A trip with a different style (or what can you buy with six dollars...)

* How was the term "tip" originated and when to give it?

* Style and balance

Nurturing your lifestyle:

One of the most important aspects of a successful life is nurturing your lifestyle - learning to live the good life.

Of all the things we strain over in life, one thing we truly need to work hard on is – our lifestyle.

Don’t just learn how to make money - learn how to live.

That exactly means your lifestyle.

Here's a challenge you should succeed at: be happy with what you got, on your way to fulfilling your dream.

Some people have a lot of beautiful things that fill their lives, but they don’t seem to be satisfied with their lot.

Some people have wealth and assets, but lack true happiness.

When a father throws a ten dollar bill to his son, saying: "Take the ten miserable dollars if you need them so much" - we could say that the money is money, but the style is certainly miserable.

Remember – it’s not the quantity that counts, it’s the style in this case.

Design your lifestyle (and start in small doses):

Imagine you went to a car wash and the guy who dried and vacuumed your car after the wash, did an outstanding job.

Now you’re thinking how much to tip him - one dollar, maybe five?

Make a new habit - if you’re already thinking of a higher sum (5 bucks in this case), then give it.

You may say what does it matter already, four dollars more or four dollars less? I’ll tell you – it matters a lot...

Say you decided to give him only one dollar, it will affect you all day – you’ll go around feeling awful about yourself and a couple of hours later you'll look at your shiny car thinking: "God, I'm such a cheapskate...", it will affect you.

However, if you decide to give him five dollars - you won't believe this great sensation you're feeling, only "cost" you an extra four dollars - this is a lifestyle.

Learn to enjoy the good person you're becoming.

Same money, different style (or a different father...)

Here's another story concerning this subject, as it was told by one of the participants who attended Rohn's seminar several times:

The participant is a father of two lovely disciplined daughters, who never caused him much trouble.

The father says it was… him, who actually caused the trouble.

For example, every time there was a live rock concert, his daughters asked if they could go and he would always start bickering:

"I don't want you to go"

"You come back home very late"

"There's too much noise and commotion"

They always had to beg him for money to buy tickets.

They would plead and beg until he'd grow weary and yell: "Well fine, take the money already.

If you really want to go, then go…"; He says this was the regular ritual, until the last seminar he attended.

He decided to change - to change his lifestyle and live better.

He mentions one day he saw an ad in the paper, announcing his daughters' favorite rock band is in town for a concert.

The next thing he did was go to the ticket office to buy the tickets himself.

He put the tickets in an envelope and at dinner that night said to his daughters: "You might not believe it but this envelope holds tickets to your favorite rock band concert" – his daughters looked at each other, astonished...

He added: "You'd be happy to know the days of bickering and begging are over" - now the daughters were really shocked...

Finally he added: "Don't open the envelope until you get to the concert".

When the anticipated day arrived, the girls went to the concert.

At the entrance, they handed over the envelope to the attendant.

He looked at the tickets and said: "Follow me".

While going after the attendant, the girls notice they're approaching the front stage.

They tell him: "There must be a mistake.

You’re taking us to the front rows”.

The attendant checks the tickets again and says: "There’s no mistake - fifth row, center, follow me".

The girls’ eyes were practically popping out!!

In previous concerts, the only tickets they were able to buy (after begging their father) were in the last rows.

He indicates staying up that night, waiting for them.

Shortly after midnight his daughters got back home, ‘bursting’ the door and running to him.

One sat on his lap, the other hugged him tight, both screamed: "You're the best daddy in the world!".

He couldn’t believe the same money and a different dad – would create such a reaction.

Remember - you too can make this change in your lifestyle, your sales career, management career and in any other area of your life.

If you wish for a change – don’t complain about the only things you have: seeds, soil, sun, rain and the seasons of the year.

Instead, start to change, start appreciating and start doing some of the things you read here on this website.

The process of changing your life will soar, and you won’t believe how far it will get you within a short time after it begins.

Develop your lifestyle: your manner (style) of giving, your style of sharing, your style of enjoying.

It’s not how much (you give, share or enjoy) that matters, but the experience you accrue in your choice to live in style.

Change your style of speech.

Don’t say: "If I had more money – I’d be happy".

You must realize the key to happiness isn’t more.

Happiness is an art one must learn and practice.

More money will reinforce your feelings - if you're sad you'll be sadder and vice versa.

Style isn't 'more of something', style is an art.

A successful lifestyle is promised to those willing to learn and practice the art.

Lifestyle is culture, poetry, dance, art, sculpture, literature, plays, concerts... the icing on the cake.

The American philosopher, Mortimer J. Adler, once said: "When you don't desire the taste of quality, you compromise for mediocrity..."

Show appreciation for quality, develop an appetite for the special things in life, learn the art and reach out for the best.

Receiving the best in our spare time – is a goal.

Forget about quantity, use your imagination.

Remember not only to receive the best, but also to give the best you can.

Same money, a different style (or a different trip...)

Here's another event, told by Rohn at one of his lectures:

One sunny summer day, Rohn and his wife drove to California for a sightseeing tour

and some shopping.

On the way, they stopped at a gas station.

The gas station attendant, a young man of 18 or 19 Rohn guesses, started coming towards them skipping and hopping.

When he reached them, he asked Rohn: "How may I be of assistance, sir? ".

Rohn replied: "Fill up the tank, please".

The young man did as requested and in addition checked the tires' air pressure, checked the engine oil and washed the windshield and the rear window; all this while singing and whistling to himself.

Rohn and his wife were awed by the man's gaiety and surprised to be receiving such great service.

As he paid the gas bill, Rohn told the young man: "Thank you for your excellent service, I appreciate it".

The young man replied: "It was my pleasure.

I love working here, I get to meet courteous people like you".

Unbelievable, this guy is really extraordinary.

Rohn continued: "My wife and I are going to California.

We want to make a stop somewhere to have a milkshake.

Do you know a place we could buy some?".

The young man replied: "By all means, there's a really good coffee shop close by”.

He gave Rohn directions and added: "I suggest you park at the back of the café, and not at the

front where it's more likely to get your car dinged or scratched”.

They drove off and indeed found the coffee shop, where they ordered their favorite milkshake flavors.

But instead of asking for two cups, they asked for 3 and then drove back to the gas station.

The young man approached their car again, seeing them holding their drinks he said:

"I see you found the coffee shop and got your milkshake”.

"Yes! And this one’s for you", Rohn replied handing him the third milkshake.

The surprise was clearly shown on the young man’s face.

He said: “This is for me?!" Rohn immediately replied: "Of course. You were very kind and helpful, and the service was outstanding. We just felt it necessary to buy you a milkshake”.

The lad said in response: "Wow, no one has ever bought me a milkshake before!".

They said their goodbyes, and Rohn and his wife drove off once again.

As they were leaving the gas station, he looked in the rear-view mirror and saw the attendant holding his milkshake and a huge smile on his face...

How much did it cost him? Two dollars.

He enjoyed the experience and shared it with others countless times – for the price of two dollars.

Again, the sum / amount is not what counts – it’s the style.

You can be sure Rohn felt exceptionally good that day.

There's more to the story: When they got to California, Rohn wished to indulge his wife with a beautiful rose.

They stopped by a flower shop, and he asked the salesgirl for one rose.

She told him: "We only sell bouquets of dozen roses”.

Rohn said: "I don’t need a dozen roses, I only need one”.

The girl said: "It will cost you $4 to buy one rose”.

Rohn replied: "Great, there's nothing worse than a cheap rose...".

He chose the most beautiful rose, and handed it to his wife.

She was surprised and very impressed by this.

How much did it cost him? Four dollars.

As they were having lunch in a restaurant, his wife looked around and smiled at him.

Rohn asked what she was smiling about and she responded, with a pleased look on her face: "I think I'm the only woman here who has a red rose".

See how two ideas and a total sum of six dollars, can bring you special experiences and sweet memories?

These are just two mild examples of how to add a little style to your life.


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