Human Magnet

The following article deals with the differences between people, and to be precise:

the difference between a "magnetized" person and a person that "flows" with his life...

The article will detail how I came with the idea to write about this subject, and also how to take out your full potential - and manage to do more at the same time.

The Concept

The article is based on a quote I read a few days ago that caught my attention.

The reason was because I immediately thought about the resembles - to us, human beings.

The quote said:

A magnetized piece of iron can lift twelve times its weight.
But if you ‘cancel’ its magnetization, you won't be able to lift even the lightest thing.

This quote quickly caught my attention.

It caught my attention because it fits like a glove to the best articles and lectures about personal development, which contributed to the creation of this website - inspiring success.

The quote above summarized a great idea in just a few lines...

The Resemblance

Just like the quote above, some people are "magnetized" and some aren't.

"Magnetized" people do more, do better and fulfill more of their goals, aspirations, and dreams.

These things happen by chance or don't happen at all to those who aren't magnetized"…

The resemblance does not end up here, I'd like to mention another fact – you can magnetize any piece of iron, and that is also true when it comes to human beings.

It may happen for one person after a moment and for the other person it would take a little longer, but ultimately anyone can be "magnetized".

The Difference Between A "Magnetized" Person And A "Normal" Person

In order to explain the difference, I'll explain the meaning of the word "magnetized" that is repeated throughout the article:

A "magnetized" man is an inspired person, someone how is focused on his goals, a visionary man with aspirations and dreams, a determined person with a high level of self-discipline and motivation.

Note that all the characteristics of a "magnetized" person written above can be acquired - this is an important fact to keep in mind.

A man with a vision / goal / ambition / dream – wakes up in the morning with vitality and enthusiasm, which a man who just wants to "get through the day" doesn't have...

A man of inspiration, determination and self-discipline cease the day to its fullest.

The chances of a person to succeed, by nurturing the seeds that help him become magnetized (such as having a: vision, goal, determination, ambition, dreams, etc.) – are by far higher than the magnetized iron lifting twelve times its weight...

So if you ever meet someone and then ask yourself: 'How did he manage to do all this?", "How did he survive against all odds?", or "How it is that nothing stops him?" – The answer is: you just meet a magnetized person!

Become A Human Magnet

I strongly recommend you to adopt a life philosophy made of words like inspiration, focus, vision, desire, dream, determination and self-discipline.

I assure you that as long as you nurture this life philosophy, you'll have the ability to deal with any challenge.

I assure you that as long as you nurture this life philosophy, creativity and imagination will help you fulfill your goals you have set for yourself, in every field.

I assure you that this is a law of nature, just like the magnetized iron.


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