Chapter 4 | The Miracle of Your Personal Development - Part 2

(Part 2 out of 3)

Difficulties on your road to personal development:

Postponing: procrastination has implications that can sometimes threaten your very life, since postponing something may seem unimportant at a particular moment.

If by the end of a marvelous day a few things "slipped out", it can still be a marvelous day...

However, many such days with small things "slipping out", eventually pile up to one big disaster.

A small leak could sink a ship and a giant wave could destroy it – to the same extent.

Don’t let small things "slip out". They might eventually drown you if you don’t change that habit.

Your natural instinct to postpone things could sweep you in the wrong direction.

I hope that by the end of this reading, you’ll understand that the cost of procrastination is very high and the enthusiasm of starting your new journey will be big enough for you not to delay any steps that’ll get you there.

Blaming: We all blame others for our troubles, at one time or other.

In fact, the tendency to blame others has been with us from way back – since the world was created, Adam

blamed Eve and she blamed the snake...

That negative inclination of blaming others became a second nature, the ego in an effort to defend itself.

Rohn says that one of his most prominent tendencies was to say: "Everything is so expensive".

Earl Shoaff quickly corrected him, saying: "Mr. Rohn, that's not the problem; Let me tell you what the real problem is - you can't afford right now to buy 'everything'...

If you continue dealing with 'everything', you'll always be bitter and a poor that lives in illusions because you'll never have enough – deal with 'me'."

Apparently it's really easy to get confused between impression and reality, between what you think is causing your problems or the symptom to your problems and the real thing causing your problems.

Excuses: Guess how many excuses we have. A lot! And during our life, we surely will use them all, unless something (like this site for example) or someone will come and tell you right to your face, what the real problem is. Until then, you (and all of us really) will most probably use a million excuses that will prevent you from receiving a million dollars...

Here's an important question I'll be asking in various forms throughout this site: what are you going to do starting today, that will bring change to your life?

Look, if you don't do something today to begin that change, then guess what?

Your life will look the same. You can also know how your life will be in five years time - just look at the five previous years... unless you make a change.

Here are some more questions to think about:

What can you do today to bring that change?

What can you do if you're in a situation of an economic disaster?

What can you do with massive disappointment when everything goes wrong?

What can you do when nothing works and you're out of money?

Here's the answer:

You can do extraordinary things, whatever the situation (no matter what is happening).

People can do amazing things, things you wouldn't believe. Man can do incredible things under impossible circumstances.

Here's the answer as to why people can do / are capable of doing extraordinary things:

Because they are extraordinary creatures - they are not dogs, fish, birds, amebas or any other animal.

Human beings are different from any other creation in nature. When a dog looks at seeds, all he sees are seeds - that's because he's a dog. Humans however, see a spectacular garden and that's one of the big differences between human beings and animals.

Humans can turn "nothing" to "abundance", cents to millions of dollars, failure to success.

The reason they can do these things is - because they are amazing.

Look deep into your soul and come up with more amazing human "gifts".

They're waiting for you to find them and activate them.

With these gifts change whatever you want to change - I give you this challenge because I know you can deal with it and make that change.

If you don't like your financial situation as it is today – change it.

If you think you don't have enough – change that.

If it doesn't suit you – change it.

If you're not satisfied – change that.

You can change.You don't have to stay the same after today - only if you make the

decision to, only out of your own personal choice.

If you don't like where you live – change it. You're not a tree...

Discipline: In the process of your change, a philosophical statement will not suffice.

It takes more than that, even mere excitement isn't enough. Do something or nothing will change for you.

Your excitement about going to the gym to lift weights will hold exactly till you get there, then you'll need something new to get excited about...

Your new excitement will be - discipline.

Discipline is an important step in your personal development. If there's one thing worth getting excited about, that is it.

Get excited about your ability to do whatever is required to reach the result you're looking for.

That is a real excitement.

What can you do that will cause a significant change in your life? It's unknown.

What some people will do today to change their lives, that's what disappointing.

You see, the point is not what we can do, because we can do extraordinary things, unbelievable things - it's what we compromise for ultimately that's disappointing.

Habits: Remember - the important question that has to be asked in this process, isn't what you're getting out of it but what will you become.

You're becoming the person that will lead to all the good things. The customs you form, customs of thought, attitude and behavior will be a dominant part of what you become.

It's obvious to me just as I'm sure it is to you, that assimilating new habits isn't easy at all, but once you decide to make a change you'll assimilate new habits.

It probably won't happen overnight, but by small changes - that's the nature of change, gradually assimilating a habit or two, until it becomes second nature.

Keep "nagging" yourself in the right direction continuously.

That's how a successful life begins, by making personal changes. Seasons are a given fact.

There's nothing you can do or change about it, but you can do a lot about yourself – don't ask for winter to change to summer, ask for your approach and ability to change in order to pass the winter successfully.

Donald Trump once said: "There are a number of things you might not have control over, but you can start with yourself".

Implementing a change requires 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

Aspiring a change is a good start, but now it's necessary to turn that aspiration into - action.

Inspiration has to become self-discipline.

After declaring you're going to change for the better - do it by assimilating new habits and developing your self-discipline, so your declaration will come true.

Make sure your actions don't go in the opposite direction of your declaration.


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