A Word About Luck

Some people read or hear a story about a successful person and finally, the only thing they have to say is something like this:

"Come on... He was just lucky..."

"WoW!! She was really lucky!"

"Ahh... I wish I was so lucky..."

The following article will be devoted to your luck and fate and will deal with the following questions:

What is it luck?

What are the chances it's right in front of you?

Is it possible to increase the chances of luck "visiting" you?

First of all, here is the definition to the word lucky from the dictionary:

1. One's personal fate or lot.

2. Good fortune or prosperity; success.

3. Events that are beyond control and seem subject to chance.

Although the word chance appears here, I'd like to offer another point of view:

Along with the fact that some cases of luck are by chance, there are other situations of luck that chance had nothing to do with it...

the other side of the coin of course is the following sentence:

There are other situations of bad luck that chance had nothing to do with it...

Here's an amusing joke that illustrates this issue:

An old man found himself in heaven after he died.

After the angel at the entrance checked his chart he ruled firmly: "you are with no doubt a very good man that helped many people, you deserve to be in the presence of God Himself!".

A few days pass and finally he meets God.

After talking to him for some time, the man could not resist asking him: "God I was a humbled man who helped people all his life... How is it that I wasn't lucky enough to win the lottery for example?"

God replied: "Certainly you deserved to win the lottery, and I wanted you to win the first prize - but you never even filled a lottery ticket!!!".

How to Increase Your Chances For Luck

It's possible!

Sometimes it's very easy.

For example, regarding the joke mentioned above - if the man would fill a lottery ticket, the chances of winning the lottery would be hundreds of times higher than to just hope for luck.

Yes, there would be a chance of winning the lottery with a ticket he just found lying in the street, but his chances would be much higher, if he got a ticket himself right?

You can hope to become a famous actor, a successful businessman or find the princess of your dreams.

You can hope you'll be lucky and accomplish the goals or dreams you have set for yourself.

Hoping is nice…

However, there are better ways to increase your chances becoming lucky, and fulfilling your goals or dreams.

Luck Is In Front Of You

Sometimes luck is in front of you.

Most of us just do not know it.

I once read a story about a woman who wanted to earn money by trading stocks.

She's was really hoping to be lucky and hear a tip about a stock.

She was really jealous of people who got lucky picking the right stock at the right time!

One day a close friend told her:

When your brain is busy with thoughts of jealousy or waiting for luck to come, it doesn't think about other things like:

How to find a good stock to invest in, what are the indications from which you can learn about the quality of an investment, and generally, "how to connect" with luck to "show" you the way...

He also told her:

Luck "revealed" the perfect stocks to everyone - the point is: not everyone saw them. More importantly, in some cases the few from those who did saw them – just could not read or interpret the hint...

Think about this scenario:

* Perhaps someone's dream job appears right now on the jobs section - yet he only dream of this job, and he doesn't have the appropriate training.

Now think about the following scenario:

* Perhaps someone's dream job appears right now on the jobs section - but he only dream about this job. He actually has the appropriate training, but... He never looks at the jobs section.

What do you think about this scenario?

Here's an experiment you should try - ask an air stewardess: "why did you chose to work in this profession?"

Some would answer: "I wanted to see the world!".

It is fair to say about this answer, that this profession it's a great way to increase the chances it will happen, right?

Moreover, here is a fact you should remember: even a simple action as sending a resume for this position, significantly increases the possibility to "get lucky" and see the world...


Elvis Presley has a song called "I Got Lucky"…

The truth is, I have no idea if he is to be considered lucky or not - what I do know is that if you want to increase your luck, it takes more then hoping.

If you want more luck, you need to give it a reason to appear.

In order to make your tree of success grow – you should first plant the seeds of success.

If you want more luck, you have to prepare yourself for it and put on the appropriate eye glasses - sometimes luck is just in front of us and we do not notice.

Why leave your fortune to chance if you could "contact it"?

I'll conclude this article with one of the definitions to the word luck:

One's personal fate or lot.


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