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On the end of March 2009, I saw on NBC an article about a CEO that earned 750,000 dollars a year.

As a result of the economic crisis, Ken Karpman, a former CEO, started working for 7.29 dollars per hour delivering pizzas.

The complete article appears at the end of the article.

After seeing this article I found it necessary to write an article about the economic crisis and the necessary adjustments that everyone should consider - adjustments that will determine the fate of the turning points in your life.


True, newspapers are full of stressful headlines painted red and it's hard not to get carried away by them.

I'm not saying everything is great, but on the other hand, I take into account additional data – Panic and exaggeration helps with selling more newspapers / brings higher rating.

I'd like to recommend a different approach, an approach that says: every situation we consider as a crisis can also be considered as an opportunity.

* An opportunity to show you and me that people are waking up from the "dream" that started the economic crisis, and like many things in life, there is a cycle - after the fall comes winter, after the night the sun always shows up, an expansion will be followed by a recession and then an expansion again...

* An opportunity to use the time of crisis for learning and development, in order to be the first to float up and reap the fruits of your investment in yourself when the crisis ends.

* An opportunity to buy various assets cheaply. One of the great benefits of this time period is that panic lowers the prices of many assets, including those of high quality.

I could write here about some more advantages but I think the point is understood – it's a matter of perception along with your life philosophy, and those who adopt this approach, will already have come a long way towards coping successfully with the situation.

I can specify a personal acquaintance with people whose approach is "opportunity" that this period of time made them leave their "comfort zone" / complacency in their businesses and above all - made them think of creative ideas, refine their skills and learn new skills they needed.

Adjustments And Turning Points

Life is a dynamic thing, which requires adjustments from time to time…

Life demanded from Ken, as told in the article to find another job.

Life did not really care that he was a CEO, how much he earned and what possessions he had.

Ken on his part made the necessary adjustments despite the fact that he did not mean to start a "pizza delivering career"… At the time, he could certainly say: "this work is not for me!", and certainly could have come up with countless excuses - he didn't.

I have no doubt that someone like Ken in will have some important insights from the current situation that will help him in the future and strengthened him.

If you have a profession or a skill you've always wanted to learn or develop - there is no time better than a crisis.

A crisis is great a time to make adjustments that will help you in the future.


Because of the fact that a time of crisis, is a better teacher than a time when everything is just fine…

I wrote "turning points" in the headline of the article for a reason.

During your life you will encounter a variety of situations that will fall into the category of "turning point" - you will determine whether this turning point is a positive or negative one, by the adjustments you'll make.

YOU, nobody else.

Here's a little secret you should know: If you treat every turning point in your life with a positive approach (even if it seemingly does not look like that), the adjustments you'll make will be defined by the approach you have chosen to adopt.

I would like to finish the article with a beautiful quote from Chapter 4, The Miracle of Your Personal Development:

"Don't wish it would be easier - wish to be better, don't wish for fewer problems - wish for more skills, don't wish for less challenge – wish for more wisdom".

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