Point Of View

Some people can do things that might make us really angry, but we’ll “let it slide” or at least understand it...

Other people can do as much as a tiny mistake, and our reaction would be anger with no proportion along with a goal that says: “They are going to pay for it!”


How is it related to how we handle those situations?

What can each and every one of us do, to cope better with situations that might anger us?

The following article will be dedicated to the way we look at things and will answer the questions above.

Different Approach, Same Situation

Here are some facts:

- There are situations in life that make you angry.

- Your approach to handling those situations depends on your point of view.

Here are some examples for illustration:

The child and the vase

Mike's child broke the vase on the table in the living room.

No doubt, it’s one of those situations that can make you angry; yet, along with the anger there are some other thoughts in Mike’s head like:

- He’s just a kid.

- The truth, it’s actually my fault - I shouldn’t have put the vase there where he could reach it.

- Things happen, sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it.

What “generated” these thoughts? Probably the phrase - "It’s my son"...

What will happen if I change “Mike's child” with “Eric, the electrician Mike invited to make some changes in the apartment”, broke the vase on the table in the living room?

In this situation, just like the same situation above, anger would be present; but now there are some different thoughts in Mike’s head…

- What an idiot!

- He is so irresponsible!! He doesn’t know what to be careful means?!?!

- It’s the last time I’m calling him to fix something in my house…

If so, before I’ll write about what has changed, it’s more important to emphasize what hasn’t changed:

- The two situations occurred in the same place.

- In both of the situations, the vase was broken.

What's changed:

- The person who broke the vase.

- The point of view resulting the approach taken, in relation to the fact that the vase broken.

The friend and the car

Max is the proud owner of a large enterprise.

He lent one of his company vehicles to one of his friends.

At the end of the day, his friend returned the car with a small scratch...

Yes, something you might get angry about.

Yet, at the same day they discussed it and worked out a solution to get the car fixed.

What will happen if I change “one of his friends” to "Jeff, one of his employees”, returned the car with a small scratch...?

A different approach, same situation...

The hottest guy in the office

Jill works as a manager of the customer service department.

In front of her office, in the accounting department worked Jeff, which she really liked; That same Jeff made a mistake on her salary...

Can a mistake on your salary make you angry? Of course! But one Jill can let "slip"... After all, this error will be corrected next month, and maybe all of this is actually good, now she “must" go and sit with him, so they could look together where the mistake was. :)

What would happen if she didn’t like Jeff?


Life is full of different situations, some of them can cause anger.

Handling these situations is determined by your point of view and as a result, your approach - much more than the situation in general that triggers the anger.

With the help of a different perspective that will lead to the desired approach, you can find a solution to the problem - instead of dealing with accusations and the problem itself.

With a different perspective, you can put things in perspective.

With a different perspective it is easier to find the path to success, and deal with any problem you may encounter.

The intention of this article is not to let others step on you - when you need to clarify something firmly, do it.

Otherwise, you should adopt the following perspective:

Just before exploding with anger and thinking the end of the world has come, think what would be your point of view if your children, your spouse, the girl you are in love with, were doing the same thing?

What would be your approach as a result?

This step will not only change your attitude and will save you a lot of anger.

It will help you handle various situations in a better way, and even make you a healthier person.


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