Where The Miracle Begins

Chapter | 3

The third chapter in a series of articles for the end of the year, is dedicated to the advantages of… failure, your decisions and your control over your life.

Are You Disgusted With What Is Going On With Your Life?

Sometimes a dramatic failure is the best start.


Well first of all, if you're already at the bottom, there's only one way to go - up, but more importantly, if you are at the bottom, mentally and financially, usually you will find yourself disgusted enough to "dig" deeper within yourself and pull out miracles, talent, desires and determination.

Only when you stand face to face to face in front of "trouble", things change, you change.

Only when you are disgusted enough, and you have a desire along with determination to change the course of your life, you'll begin to say:

"That's it! I'm sick of it, enough. No more, never again!"

That's exactly when the miracle begins.

These words and thoughts can change time, fate and circumstances. When that happens, these three things: time, fate and circumstances - meet and say: "Okay, okay, we can see that we have no power here; we have before us a man with extraordinary determination!

This guy is not going to give up; he's finished with all this nonsense. We should step aside let him do the job!".

Inspiration with the help of disgust.

What Are You Waiting For?

Many people do not change themselves, they are waiting for a change.

These unfortunate people accept their defeats and tend to sink into self-pity.

Why? Because they refuse to take control over the situation, they refuse to take control over their lives, their careers, their health, their relationships, their financial situation, etc...

They refuse to take responsibility and feel disgusted enough, to change the situation.

If you are disgusted with your situation, if you need to make a change and can't find the strength, I have some insights to offer: Your current failure is only temporary - it's just a temporary situation.

You can fly away from the failure, just as you "landed" into failure.

Once, when I was in the midst of a huge failure, someone recommended I'd say this expression: "This too shall pass".

I believe you get only what you can deal with, you can deal with your negativity, you can deal with your failures and you can handle your disappointments.

This too shall pass, if you search for a new beginning.

You need to pull yourself up and go back to the world with a plan.

Silly as it sounds, you should be grateful for your current limitations, your failures.

They are the foundations that will take you to excellence.

You can go wherever you want to go.

You can do what you want to do.

You can be whatever you want to be.

You can do everything, starting now, right where you are.

A Story About A Father And Daughter

A dad talks about his daughter.

He says that his daughter want thought some hard times (because of a problem she had), yet she managed.

As he continues the story, you discover that she's really brave.

He has a unique way to describe the situation of his daughter.

While most parents were concerned, even for their children that have grown and left home, this man just smiles and says that his daughter is like a frog in a jar of cream;

She kept kicking and kicking and kicking, and soon the milk will turn into a lump of butter and she can jump out.

This is an interesting illustration of stubbornness, that's how it really works.

You have to keep trying over and over again. You need to have enough determination until…

Until you succeed of course!


Some of the greatest success stories began with failure.

Michelangelo began with failure.

Lincoln began with failure.

Walt Disney lost his job on a newspaper because the editor thought he had no talent.

Be thankful for your failures.

At the same time, make sure it works for your future, not against you.

Take advantage of your failures to create a great opportunity, instead of a great depression.

You will discover quickly that your failures are your best teachers.

Turn your disgust into inspiration, not depression.

The world will allow you to willingly sit and cry about your fate... until you die…

Here's another thing the world will do - the world will step aside and allow you to flourish, once you've decided that the current situation is only temporary.

The doors will open when you decide to stand up and take action.

Be determined to become successful, do not compromise on self-pity, and commit to excellence.

Remember it's your challenge, it's your own challenge - use your skills, your talent and other gifts you received in order to survive and become successful.

I invite you to visit here next week to read the fourth chapter in the series.


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