Fulfilling The Vision

When I created this website, I thought it’d be a perfect way to fulfill a great vision.

Some highlights of this vision are:

This website was built to help you bring out your success story, a story that will inspire those around you.

One success story, another, along with another, will lead to a better society in a variety of areas, a 'richer' society.

Your personal success is the success of the entire society.

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In order to fulfill this vision of creating a better and more advanced society, a society with values, I'm going to need your help.

How to take part in fulfilling this vision:

1. Sharing information

One of the key elements of personal development is to share your knowledge and thoughts with others.

An interesting article you read online, maybe something you found helpful while reading this course - share the information with everyone:

By sending an e-mail, by writing about it on blogs, forums or any social network websites or by any other creative way you can think of.

The more people will be exposed to this website, the greater the chances to fulfill the vision.

2. Support the website

The contents of this website are free of charge, in order to allow each and every person to become an inspiring success story.

However, researching, collecting and writing the material requires time, plus maintaining this website is not free.

If you feel the contents of this website are constructive and useful, you can contribute by paying for the information you read as a gratitude, ensuring the continuation of future research and the publication of new articles.

Payment is made here:

Contribute $5 USD

Contribute $10 USD

Contribute $15 USD

Contribute $20 USD

For the sake of transparency, let me say funds will be used to finance a number of purposes:

* Spend more time on research and gathering information, the output being providing you a greater value from this website.

* Raise the awareness of success and personal development.

I'm inviting you to come take an active part in fulfilling the vision!

I want to thank you wholeheartedly for your cooperation.


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