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2. Putting things in proportion: I often say (or write): "Take things in the right perspective because what you’re going through and what’s happening to you, happens to everybody, the question is what you do about it".

After looking at the UNICEF winning photos, we can say with great confidence:

"Take things in the right perspective because what you’re going through is nothing compared to what others around the world are going through” – and still, what are you doing regarding your situation?

You may say “life is no picnic…”, and I couldn’t agree with you more.

However, you should keep several things in mind:

A. The "privilege" to complain is not reserved for you alone...

B. Most likely there will always be someone somewhere in the world suffering / going through a rough time more than you are, so stop feeling sorry for yourself.

If you keep insisting you hit rock bottom – stop kicking yourself, because this means from here you can only grow / go up!!

C. Now is a good time to break the habit of complaining about your life… and pronto. I recommend it simply because I’ve never yet seen a person improving his situation dramatically, by complaining...

3. The real story: In one of Oded Balilty’s many photos we see a boy playing with a paper airplane, in the photo taken by Alice Smeets there is a girl wearing a white dress.

The way I see it (and you don’t have to agree of course), that girl has hope and the little boy still remembers the simple joys of life.

Follow my line of thought for a minute: what are the chances a girl who doesn’t see a better future coming, and thinks solely about her miserable condition of life, would, in fact, devote a serious thought to something like wearing a white dress?

What are the chances a kid who chooses to see around him nothing but the damage and death that are the aftermath of an earthquake, would, in fact, dedicate a few minutes of thought to playing with a paper airplane?

In these places and other places around the world, where there are horrors you can't even begin to imagine, there is also a spark of hope, a smile, a dream… aspirations.

When was the last time you thought about your dreams? Thought about the life you aspire to?

Remember, there are countless stories of people who did the impossible… under impossible circumstances.

What Can You Do?

You can count your blessings, for your situation is not as bad as the photos above, as you can see.

Therefore, I have two requests only:

1. Make your dreams and aspirations a reality, set achievable goals for yourself.

Obviously, it’s doable, as there have been precedents of people doing the impossible under impossible circumstances (as I mentioned earlier in the article).

If you find this difficult to do - it's time to go back to your childhood.

It’s been long said, children have great strength and energy to do anything.

So go back to your childhood, a time when the word “cynicism” did not exist and the world was a global catalog from which to choose whatever comes to your mind, a time when words like creativity and imagination were the name of the game!

2. Tell others about the pictures above.

Tell your friends how some children around the world are living their life, let the reality of their life be known.

Tell your relatives about the hardship of nations worldwide, making your own country a true heaven on earth.

Ask them to raise the awareness of children’s misfortune and suffering.

Ask them to share with their own friends and relatives, your insights and apprehensions from reading this article.

Ask them to look at the photographs and see something beyond the pain and the struggle for survival - any small detail they see in that photo, like hope or avidity for instance.

Let’s all hope such photos will soon be a thing of the past.

The link to "UNICEF Photo of the Year Award" website


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