"The greatest danger associated with the lack of faith is: you don't believe in yourself" - other people may not believe in you because of a variety of reasons (justified or not), but you must believe in yourself.

The following article deals with the important lesson we can learn from a variety of quotes that their common denominator is: cynicism, disbelief and perhaps a little disrespect, but also faith that has no limits.

First quote: "the phone has too many disadvantages to be treated seriously as a way to communicate”, Western Union say NO to the telephone inventor in 1876.

More than one hundred years have passed since, and today more than ever it’s not even possible to imagine a reality without the telephone.

What if Alexander Graham Bell would give up and opened for example... a grocery store?

Hard to imagine…

Something to think about: in - 1910 everyone out of thirteen Americans had a phone in their home.

Second quote: "machines heavier than air will never fly", Lord Kelvin, mathematician and physicist, 1895.

It is likely that at that time it made sense, however, it can only teach me and you to think twice before we reject any idea, even if it seems unreasonable and...

Even if a well-educated man thinks it seems unreasonable.

Something to think about: at the same year exactly registered the Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin a patent regarding his invention: aerostat.

Third quote: "Aircraft are interesting games but of no military value", Marshall Ferdinand Foch, Professor of Strategy 1911.

Rescue, assault, logistics and intelligence - all these fields got a serious boost with the appearance of air travel option. There is no doubt - not allowing yourself to open your mind has a strong influence on your way of thinking.

Here's an important lesson we should learn from this – don’t stay in your comfort zone, open your mind and think outside the box - creativity is the key word.

Something to think about: kamikaze pilots, the movie “Top Gun” and privet jets...

Fourth quote: "Despite the fact that television is possible, it’s a waste of time in commercial and financial aspects" Dyfrost, inventor 1926.

The TV set has a place of honor in the modern lifestyle, there is no argument about that, but back in the days when there was only a radio or a newspaper, this assumption may not have been detached from reality.

In this context, it would be nice to invite Mr. Lee De Forest to watch the new LCD screens.

Something to think about: 30 second commercial on the Super Ball 2009 cost three million dollars (!), NBC total revenues in the Super Ball season was 261 million dollars, so... I guess we could say it’s a financial success after all, right?

The following quotes are related to computers & its by-products:

Fifth quote: "The world market potential is 5,000 machines at most", IBM rejected the inventors of Xerox in 1959.

Sixth quote: "There is no reason for a person to have a computer at home", Ken Olson, president and founder of Digital in 1977.

This time, maybe we'll start with something to think about: You can buy today a printer integrated with a coping and a fax machine for less than fifty dollars.

Then, all you need is to plug it to your home computer…

I'm sure you can find plenty more quotes, yet the main issue is clear - one of the key things to help you carry out all your aspirations, large and small, is faith.

As you can see in the quotes here, the faith of those inventors brought humanity a wide variety of amazing inventions.

The faith of those people was not only on their inventions but primarily faith in themselves!

Some people will always criticize you just as the criticizers above, people will always find reasons to "why not".

Believe in yourself and your passions.

I’d like to end with a small request: believe in others - by encouraging creativity, ideas or constructive criticism.


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