Good Or Bad?

For years, we are taught to follow this pattern: "If one thing happens – that's good, if the opposite happens – that's bad!".

Yes, the following article was written in order to contradict this way of thinking, and offer a new and more effective way to look at things.

In the article I'll be using various examples, some of which are directly related to personal development and inspiring success and some less - but all of them have one thing in common, it is you who decides rather it's good or bad.

Is It Good Or Bad

Electricity, good or bad?

The definition of electricity from the dictionary: One of nature's forms revealed in lightning, light, heat, magnetism and more.

Electricity is just its dictionary definition... What makes it good or bad is the use we make of it.

Electricity can cause a person's death.

Electricity can light your home.

It's your decision.

Water, good or bad?

The definition of water from the dictionary: the liquid that fills the rivers, seas and oceans on earth, and comes from the clouds in the form of rain drops...

It chemical compound: two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

Water is no more than a colorless clear liquid that has no smell...

You can drown a person in the water.

You can quench the thirst of a person using the same water...

It's your decision.

Atom, good or bad?

The definition of an atom from the dictionary: the smallest part in any chemical element that contains the features of the element.

Nuclear fission process can be used to produce energy.

Nuclear fission process can be used to produce a nuclear bomb.

Here too, the decision is yours.

If so, what determines whether this or that will be good or bad is actually your decision about its use.

Let's go for something more practical:


The following example I mention in one of the chapters of the course – talking about a stock "dropping down".

Certainly the first instinct would be: "Of course it's bad!" - The newspapers always link the decline in stocks value to be a negative thing.

The answer is of course - not necessarily!

A decline in stock value means its price was 100$ for example, and now is worth 50$.

That's it, that's all it means.

Did you know that in the stock exchange it is possible to earn as a result of a decline in stock value?

Now is the time to ask again whether it is good or bad there was a decline...

If you are not invested in a stock, perhaps this fall is an opportunity to invest in that stock?

Ask yourself again if it's good or bad there was a decline...

If you lose money:

You can decide that it is bad, get depressed and decide not to try anything else - your future will not be particularly bright, and in the long run your situation might be much worse than this financial loss (as big as this loss may be).

On the other hand...

You can decide that this is excellent, because it's a great wake-up call for you to improve, learn, practice and... Try again.

In this case, assuming you decide to take the matter seriously, you are guaranteed (yes, you are guaranteed) a great financial future that would cover much more than this loss (again, as big as this loss may be).

What Determines Good Or Bad?

In short - your perception of the situation.

Just as you can find the wrong and negative in everything, you can also find the good and positive in everything.

The difference between the two:

One takes you back, degenerate you and keeps away any opportunity that might "visit" you.

The other pushes you forward, develop you and open the doors of opportunity.

Your perception determines your response to events and situations, and that is why your perception is so impotent.

You could get or have a great plan to help you out of any situation you're caught in - but in the absence of a positive approach, you will not get the desired response that would make you carry out that plan.

Make it a habit - Adopt a positive perception / approach.

Start looking on the bright side - you might be surprised how quickly a variety of solutions will "appear" for different problems, I'm sure that after that a negative approach will not be an option – but you already know: It's your decision.


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