Bad Is Good

You might know this saying from the bible: "Everything that happens, happens for the best".

Some say this is the world's way to tell us: "Hey! Wake up! It's time to stop doing what you've done so far and start doing something different – you don't understand the hint do you...??"

This article will be devoted to the "bad" things in your life, and will offer an alternative approach to the thought: "why this happen to me?".

Who Decides - 1

There is only one person who can decide for you whether this or that thing is good or bad: that person is you.

If you got up in the morning for work and discovered that you have a flat tire – you are not "cursed", it's a flat tire.

It's not bad luck, it's a flat tire.

There are a few consequences for that:

Bad - there is a chance you'll be late for work.

Good - you notice the wheel is not like it used to be, and it's time to replace it.

And… There is also great consequence - there is a story about a man that his car refused to start.

After ten minutes of "begging", the car started and the driver drove to work - not before he heard on the radio about a fatal accident, just where he was scheduled to go ten minutes ago…

Who Decides - 2

There is a story about someone who came to his friend and asked him: "Can you explain to me why all the bad things happen to me?".

His friend replied: "I have no idea mate, I just know bad things usually happen to guys like you ...".

There is an easy and simple way to change this situation - decide that what happened is good and nurture that thought.

How does it work?

Just as you can find a "bad" reason to the question "why?", you can also find a good reason to question "why?".

For example:

Why I didn't get the promotion:

Bad reasons: because I always get screwed / because ____ always flatterers the boss / because ____ is more beautiful.

Good reasons: because I need to improve more on ____ / because it's time to go that extra mile… / because it's time to find another job / because maybe, this is my chance to move and be promoted in another department.

Please note: finding a good reason is half the job.

Good reason will allow you to finish the second part which is: reaching an operative conclusion that leads to a good plan, and finally - taking action.

It's time to consider the following points:

* Sometimes you need a terrible boss to make you find a job that makes you smile in the morning. (If it happened - that's great!)

* Sometimes you need to have a huge overdraft to get yourself together and start a good financial plan. (If it happened - it's wonderful!)

* Sometimes living with an annoying, treacherous and jealous partner, is your ticket to meet your princess.

* Sometimes you need to have something bad to happen once (or twice!), in order to do it well!

* In many cases, sometimes a really bad thing is the biggest warning sign you'll ever get to take action - ignoring it? That's bad!

Occupy your mind in finding solutions, progress, and development; it's much better than occupying your mind with how "bad" things are…

You decide what thoughts enter your mind.

You Decide

The day you'll learn to accept "a drag" or a "bad thing" and turn it into something positive – you'll learn from it, and successfully deal with various challenges.

The day you'll turn it into a habit, the number of "bad things", will decrease significantly!

I want to finish with an excellent proverb, a sentence that summarizes, in my opinion, this article:

Goliath was the best thing that happened to David!

I wish you the best, but to tell the truth, it is mainly up to you.


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