New Year, New Beginning

The beginning of a new year is an excellent time for a fresh new start (is there a better time?).

The following article will focus on the new beginnings and opportunities, which come along with the beginning of the year, but more importantly – how it affects you.

Beginnings And Endings

On Chapter 4 of the course I wrote extensively about the four important lessons for life, here are some quotes from the chapter:

" Learn to deal with winters: they come right after autumn - regularly. Some are long and some are shorter, some are easy and some are harder, but winter will always come after fall. Remember - that's not going to change."

"Spring is opportunity and you can be sure it will  always come after winter." 

" Just as days come straight after nights, so will opportunities come straight after difficulties; development and expansion will come straight after recession, and all - regularly, you can count on it."

* More about the four important lessons for life can be found on - Chapter 4 | The Miracle of Your Personal Development.

A new year will always begin at the end of the previous year - guaranteed.

The purpose of these quotes is to raise a few questions you should ask yourself:

1. How do you take advantage of this fascinating fact that at the beginning of each year you get a new, blank page?

A page that is waiting for you to fill it with: your dreams, aspirations and goals.

2. How many times you find yourself filling this blank page with old and irrelevant ideas from last year?

3. Are you using an ineffective approach / life philosophy from previous years?

Answering these questions will help you become more aware of content that you pour into the new year.

Opportunities Created

A new year always brings new opportunities, as well as old opportunities we already forget of.

True, some of those opportunities could be implement during the year - however, the beginning of the year brings a special atmosphere that motivates action, and that's – an opportunity!

Here are some opportunities that I strongly recommend:

1. Self examination

This is one of the major tools that will allow you to grow and develop.

The best way to make a new year better than the previous year is through self examination.

Self examination allows you to review the past year and answer questions like:

What did you do better? / Where you succeeded beyond your expectations?

What did you do wrong and what can you learn from it? / Where did you failed?

Who do you have to thank?

Who do you need to forgive and to whom you should apologize?

What special things do you remember from the past year?

Where you stand in terms of realizing your goals and dreams?

These are important questions that you may want to follow them up throughout the year, by using a diary or a form where you can keep track of your progress – that way, at the beginning of each year you can go over what you wrote, and act upon the information you collected.

Remember, self examination is your history and if you don't study your history – you're doomed to repeat it.

2. Try new things

Who doesn't want to "collect" new experiences?

Whether it's a new job, a new spouse, a new hobby, a new car or a new holiday destination - the beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to make a change and gain new experiences with which you build the history of your life.

Such experiences can be spiritual or material, they can be large or small.

These experiences are of the things that make a new year, a great year.

These experiences are the chocolate that will leave a good taste for the upcoming year...

3. Try old things once more

Sometimes the difference between success and failure is just trying one more time.

A new year brings a different perspective.

Here is a great quote by Robert H. Goddard: "It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow".

I'd like to continue this quote by saying: there's a chance that things you thought where impossible for you last year, are definitely possible now!".

A new year can bring a new approach.

Who does not know the following common phrase: "If something is not working for you, leave it, relax, rest and then come back to it."

Well, a new year is a good opportunity to "attack" a stubborn difficulty; A new year is a great opportunity to change your approach and turn the difficulty into a challenge.

Do you have an old dream that you keep postponing all the time because there is always something more "important" / you are waiting for the right moment - a new year is just the right time to take action.

Take advantage of the new year to try old things once more.

4. Keep in touch

We all have a friend we haven't been in touch with for a long time.

I'm sure there are many reasons...

Routine and a busy schedule.

Moving to more distant place or perhaps a new country...

Starting a new job.

The end of one stage in life (school / college / new career), and the beginning of another.

The New Year is a special period of time in which you leave the reasons a side and move into action.

Call that person to wish A "Happy New Year", it's an excellent way to reestablish the connection and a great way begin year with!

5. Set new goals

Setting goals s is as important as breathing oxygen.

Setting goals focuses you and gives you the strength to continue in spite of the uncertainties and difficulties.

Many successful people say that setting goals "is one of the main reasons that allow you to get up in the morning with a smile on your face, even when the situation is not that good".

The beginning of the new year (immediately after the self examination) is the perfect timing to set yourself some new goals.


Yes, there are many things that can and should be done on the arrival of a new year, and with no doubt this article is just a nutshell.

However, it's guaranteed that if you make sure to take advantage of the opportunities mentioned above, every year – there is no doubt that the new year will take you one step further toward your success, and so will the following year.

I'd like to end this article with the following quote:

Don’t wish for things to be easier - wish to be better.
Don’t wish for fewer problems - wish yourself to have more skills.
Don't wish for less challenges – wish for more wisdom.

I wish you and your loved ones - a year of success, a year of fulfilling dreams...

A Happy New Year!


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