Smiling Machine

I thought about it over and over again: "should I write this article about the word 'smile' and its effects on people or not??".

So what is this article about?

It's about a recommendation - a recommendation to turn yourself into a smiling machine!

Although the dictionary definition to the word smile is a little laugh, I'd like to define it as a facial expression that produces positive energy(!) and indeed it's an energy, as it passes from one person to another!

This definition is especially true when the smile is genuine and sincere, no matter if it's a smile to a friend or a stranger.

Try to remember the last time you came to work a little depressed… then your best friend welcomed you with a smile.

You got to admit it had a positive effect on you, even before he asked you: "How are you?".

Ideas For Experiments

Try the following experiment:

Open the door to someone and smile at her/him - it is likely that the result will not be disappointing.

Here are another two experiments:

* Smile when you are crossing the street to the person in front of you.

* Smile when you allow the lady on the car that just got out or the parking lot, to move into your lane on the road – there is a great chance your good feeling will be even greater than hers...

True, the quotes related to the word "smile" have already become a cliche – in spite of that, reality proves they are correct and effective.

Facts, Successes, And Failures

Here are some facts about the smile:

* Smile opens doors for you.

* Smile turns you into a better wooer and a better lover.

* Smile makes you a pleasant person to hang around with.

* Smile makes your environment more positive simply because most of this energy passes from one to another.

* Smile is contagious! :)

Think about your successes and your failures, and answer honestly the following questions:

* On how many of your successes, in every field, was a smile involved?

* On how many of your successes where a smile was not involved, it could have had a good influence?

* On how many of your failures, could a smile have made a difference and improved the situation?

* On how many of your failures, the absence of a smile affected the final result?

Do not underestimate the value of your answers:

* There are stories about large deals that one party rejected a deal, because he didn't have a "good feeling" about his colleague.

* There are couples who live with great love - that started with a little smile.

* There are people with talent and diligence that are never promoted simply because the boss never saw them smiling...

If you think about it, what are the chances that a smile can hurt?

Of course, the intention must be true and sincere, a smile that says: "I came to make you smile; I came to create a positive good atmosphere".

If the intention of the smile is cynicism or laughing at someone – well… that won't take you far…

Smiling Machine

So how about becoming a smiling machine?

I guarantee the responses for your "product" will be astonishing!

There is no doubt that soon you will strive to "produce" more and more smiles.

I promise with a great degree of certainty that your life may change for the better, even if people don't smile back at you – I can promise that just because your inner feeling will be better.

It is possible that after becoming a well-oiled smiling machine, you'll meet people how didn't notice you (and you- them), people who can open doors for you or might become your best friends.

There is a big chance you'll "infect" people around you and… YES! You open yourself a plant of smiling machines!

Now I hope you are at your final preparations for becoming a smiling machine!

Finally - I thank you (with a big smile) for reading this article and hope it brought a smile (even a small one) on your face.


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