Proportion & The Power Of An Image

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Every year, the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, holds a competition called "Photo of the Year Award", featuring photos of children’s life worldwide.

These pictures do a great job raising the awareness of stress and difficulties of different populations around the world, and more than anything, they shake us out of that bubble we live in...

The expression "a picture is worth a thousand words" has never been more correct, and in these pictures the photographers evidently succeeded in getting the ambiance and feelings through to the public.

This article deals with the photos taken by the Belgian photographer Alice Smeets who was the winner of the “Photo of the Year award” in 2008, and the photos of the Israeli photographer Oded Balilty who won second prize.

The article will also discuss the conclusions and insights we can reach looking at these photos.

The picture was taken by Alice Smeets (first place)

The photo was taken in the capital of Haiti

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On the award ceremony, the following was said: "The picture shows the courage and energy of a little girl growing in the face of hardship.

Children in very poor neighborhoods often show unusual strength".

The picture was taken by Oded Balilty (second place)

The photo was taken in Sichuan Province in China after the earthquake

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Now is the time to take a deep look at those pictures, look for the small details that make the photo a humane story that is hard to ignore.

What Can We Learn?

1. The power of images: As I mentioned in Chapter 3 Expanding Your Knowledge Base, a picture is a treasure you want to leave behind to next generations.

It takes a split second to shoot an unforgettable photo, just as it takes a split second to miss an unforgettable photo.

O.K, so most of us (including myself) aren’t professional photographers, but clearly that’s not the point here, as you may have discovered by now.

Take your camera and capture moments of your life, that will remind you and those around you - where you were, what you did, how you've developed, your smiles, your tears - you!


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