Cheer Yourself Up

Chapter | 2

The second chapter in a series of articles for the end of the year, will deal with encouragement and to be more precisely, the encouragement of yourself.

Who can do the best job of encouraging you? Continue reading to find the answer...

Who Is Your Cheerleader?

Here's a familiar scenario to us all; Perhaps you going through something like this right now:

You have an exciting goal in your mind, you've done your homework, you think you're ready... But things just don't work out.

Perhaps there were times when you thought you're doing what you should, but it turned out you didn't saw the whole picture…

Perhaps you thought that everything was just in front of you, but it just didn't work. You worked on it day and night but whatever you did, you couldn't change the final result.

These are precisely the times when you need to be your own cheerleader, and there are two ways to do this:

1. Take responsibility for the opportunities you missed and / or the things you didn't understand properly.

For example: learn from the fact that although you did the best possible presentation, your client thought otherwise.

You need to be ready for disappointments that may occur more than once.

Understand that the opportunity you missed is giving you the tools to take advantage of the next opportunity.

You can make the necessary changes the next time.

Make the changes and make the difference.

Explore your mistakes and learn from them.

Instead of whining about the mistakes, just accept them and learn from them.

Remind yourself that you're smarter than your bank account makes you believe you are...

2. Remind yourself that you are committed to improvement, don't be angry on yourself.

What's important is the next opportunity, not the one you missed.

The last opportunity you missed is important only in the context of lesson learned - but the next opportunity will allow you to show you learned your lesson.

You can do things better next time.

You just have to practice. Keep trying until ... until... until what? Until you are successful!

What To Do Next Time And Why Encourage Yourself?

If you know what went wrong last time, then you know how to do it right next time. If you know what didn't "worked" on your last presentation, don't say it on your next presentation.

If you discovered that the reason you couldn't close the deal this time, was because you didn't had all the facts and figures - make sure that next time you'll have all the facts and figures.

Do not go down on yourself because you failed, pat yourself on the back because you are looking for a way to be successful next time.

You have to encourage yourself.

You have to be your own cheerleader. Why? Because you can not wait and hope someone else will cheer you up... Will make you feel better... Will tell you that you'll do better next time... You have to count of yourself.

You have to have faith in yourself and the ability to understand what works and what doesn't.

You need to have inner faith that whatever you do - you do it to get a positive result in the future. You have to encourage yourself with the help of your future successes you'll reach in time.

When you miss an opportunity, find yourself not ready for an opportunity, or encountered an obstacle when you think about your goals - you have to encourage yourself by returning to the track immediately.


There is a saying uttered by the Cowboys that says: "To be a real Cowboy you need to fall from the horse 7 times". If you fall off the horse – get up immediately and continue riding.

If you go off track, get back immediately.

If you see your self-discipline loosening, return it at once.

If something goes wrong, do all you can to fix it.

If you fall… get up on your feet again.

If you fall off the horse - horse and self-discipline, or the horse progress – get up and continue riding.

It may not be easy. This can be a bit frightening. But whatever you do - continue riding.

Keep your determination active and high.

Encourage yourself on your way to victory, you can do it.

I invite you to visit here next week to read the second chapter in the series.


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