Stop Negative Thoughts

How many times you found yourself going down the slippery road known as negative thoughts?

How many times it just started from a simple innocent thought...?

The purpose of this article is to help you stop the negative thoughts before they take over your mind, and allow you to devote more time for more positive and productive thoughts.

Where Does It Start?

Here is a story about Mike:

It starts on the way home when he returns from work.

Suddenly he remembered he had forgotten to submit a report to his boss…

Now he is thinking "What am I going to tell my boss tomorrow?" or "What kind of excuse can I use?".

Soon he begins to think about all the things he has to do tomorrow, which leads to the thought "I work from sunrise till sunset" (rather it's true or not), which finally brings him to the next level: self-pity, frustration, and anger.

Yes, all this happens when Mike is on his way back home...

Now you tell me what do you think will happen when his wife will ask him as soon as he'll enter the house: "How was your day?".

No doubt – it's not easy to remain calm in such a situation.

It's not easy to focus on your driving.

It's not easy to just ignore the driver who barged into your lane.

So… That's how it starts.

You never know how it ends.

What's In It For Mike?

There's really no need to be a genius to realize that the answer is "not much"...

The frustration and anger may be justified, but they can't make the report Mike forgot to "appear" on the boss's desk.

Bottom line, Mike is left with anger, frustration and self-pity that he'll "kindly share" with the rest of the drivers on the road and his family.

This is an important thing to remember.

It is Mike that passes the anger on to some else. Not his wife for asking him "How was your day?" or his friend suggesting to take things easier...

This is the beginning of a dangerous cycle, despite the obvious fact that Mike doesn't want to pass the anger onto his wife, who on her turn will pass her anger - it will happen whether consciously or unconsciously.

What's The Solution?

The solution is found just a moment before an innocent thought (such as "I forgot that report on my desk"), becomes a negative thought.

In other words, the sooner you "catch" the innocent thought - the easier it is to stop it from becoming a negative thought.

How to actually stop the negative thought?

1. Consciously stop it! Sometimes it's enough to say "Here it comes... it's time to stop this thought!".

2. Change of approach:

* Instead of thinking for example, about the forgotten report and how bad it is, it's exactly the time to think of how good it is you actually remembered you left it on the desk.

* Instead of thinking about the fact you still did not answer an important email, it's exactly the time to think about how good it is you remembered you need to do it - if you're on the road, leave yourself a message on your voicemail with the reminder that you want; alternatively, park your car for a minute, write down on a note the reminder and then continue driving, it's the best thing to do!


There's a party! It takes place in the minds of each and every one of us.

The number of guests is limited, not everyone can come in, that means you have a few options:

- Allow the entrance to anger, anxiety, frustration, stress and self-pity to enter your mind.

- Allow the entrance to calm, hope, joy, faith and peace to enter your mind.

You choose what comes into your mind; you choose what your thoughts contain.

The magical cycle works for good and for bad - when you choose to allow the entrance to the second group, you choose to start a great magical cycle that will allow a VIP entrance to calm, hope, joy, faith and peace to those around you.

Stop the negative thoughts.

Look on the bright side.

Keeping these rules ensures you'll have a great party!


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