Thank You

There are things you can't do by yourself.

There are times when you must use someone else's connections.

There are jobs that require an expert, and that expert is not you...

Sometimes you need help because you just don't have the time to do it.

There are many situations where we need to ask for help, and there's no problem with that.

The problem begins when we forget to say thanks.

The problem becomes even worse when we take the help for granted.

The following article will be devoted to a short sentence that contains within it a lot: Thank You.

Chain Reaction

A person that takes for granted the help he is receiving will turn (sooner or later), into an arrogant and rude person.

Such a person stops to appreciate the help.

The following chain reaction will be - no help for that person… After all, people don't like to help those who don't appreciate their time and / or effort.

The end of this "process" is an angry and frustrated person, as well as been arrogant and rude… Oh yes, and also someone that no one likes to help him.


Remember this: Many people don't want money or expect any immediate return or compensation - all they want is gratitude.

Gratitude can be appreciation.

Gratitude can also be a smile.

Gratitude can be a genuine handshake.

Gratitude is also equally important in situations where people "have" to help you.

Sometimes the difference between a highly motivated employee, and someone who does the bare minimum - is a successful manager that appreciates the effort of his employee's.

Your mechanic made an effort and put your car first in line because he knows you're in a hurry?

This is the place to be grateful and thank him.

The fact that he is getting money for fixing your car doesn't change anything.

Chances are that next time, he'll make an even bigger effort to keep you satisfied…

A Habit You Should Consider

Once a day, think of one person who helped you.

I'm sure that every one of us has a list (yes, a list) of people they should thank.

It doesn't have to be something big... If one morning someone opens you the front door, put him / her on the list, if someone is holding the elevator for you to make it too - put him / her on the list.

Put on the list (appreciate) a close friend that is always there for you.

Put your employees on the list for the great job, the loyalty and the desire to help you get results.

Put on the list your parents who love you endlessly.

Put on the list the man who stopped and allowed you to cross the road.

This daily practice will do several things:

1. It will make you appreciate the help, and not take it for granted.

2. It will increase your desire to help all those people.

3. It will show you how lucky you are to have people that are willing to help you.

All these things will cause a "side effect", which is important for you to know about: more people will be happy to help you.


We have a tendency to get used to good things very quickly.

One of them is getting help. It's fun, it takes you to the next level, it saves you time – in other words, there are plenty of reasons...

There is a great way to get people to help you:

Thanks them.

Appreciate the help.

Think about them every day.

Many of your successes are because of you, but not only you.

Many of your successes in the future are up to you, but not only you.

Don't let your ego feel to "comfortable". :)

Many of your successes are also thanks to the willingness of people to help you.

Their willingness to help you also depends on you…

You don't have to do much to become someone that people love to help.

Just to say thanks.

Show your appreciation.

Think about it during the day.

This is certainly a great opportunity to say to yourself thank you, for the time you spend on your personal development.


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