The Power Of Words

Sometimes we don't give the proper emphasis and thought, to the words we say.

Words affect us in good ways, and also in bad ways.

I'm not talking about the use of improper language or maybe a slip of the tongue, but something much simpler - terminology, how we express thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

In the following article, I'll show various examples of sentences we use, and how they can affect you and those around you.

How Are You?

A very common question that can be answered using a number of answers, with the same intention - yet the influence of each and every one of them, is completely different...

Answer A: everything will be fine.

Answer B: don't ask.

Yes, it is assumed that something not pleasant happened to this person, (although there are some who also answer like that when something good happens…); The differences between the answers above are significant, despite the same intention.

While the response in the second answer is fatal / final, the first answer opens a hope (even if a psychological hope), for a better ending.

How Was The Date?

Answer A: you can't even imagine how ugly, stupid and in love with himself was that guy!

Answer B: the date itself was not that good, but at least I got out of the house and had a great cup of coffee.

True, from the answers above you can tell that a wedding is out of the question…

But logic says that whoever will adopt Answer B, will probably find himself / herself faster in a relationship, simply because he / she adopted a positive approach.

How Was Your Day?

Answer A: routine, nothing happened, everything was normal - depressing.

Answer B: routine, nothing happened, everything as usual - great.

Assuming that this is not a person addicted to action, answer A assumes that "nothing happens" = bad, while answer B, is just the opposite.

It's a classic case of "feeling" that is not based on anything but the mindset.

After all, nothing happened – so based on what was the decision it's bad?

Why not decide that if nothing happens it's actually good?

It's time to consider which of the above can develop and push you forward...

How Was Your Vacation?

Answer A: Don't ask, the boarding to the plane was so long, at the hotel the service was bad… and... and...

Answer B: it was really funny with the taxi driver and the views were amazing and the food was good...

It is possible that the annual vacation won't go as planned and even some "misunderstandings" and "little" problems might happen.

I'm also sure that at that moment the last thing you want to do is to laugh or to be optimistic, it's perfectly legitimate.

The question is this - what do you want to remember from your holiday?

You're already on vacation, why don't you make sure you will remember the great experiences from it?

Why not make the "failures" a fascinating funny story?


I think that both you and I can go on with countless examples, yet on all of the examples we'll find the following key points:

* Negative attitude leads nowhere except more negative "incidents".

* A positive attitude inevitably turns a negative incident to a more tolerable incident (if not a funny one).

* It's a matter of a decision, that in time will become a habit - if you persist.

* This decision will impact positively on you and those around you.

Please notice the things you say, they affect you, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Adopt a more positive vocabulary.

People with this approach are usually healthier, more attractive and successful.

Decide to take a positive approach, don't wait for something positive to happen!

You're up in the morning – make sure the first words you hear are: "Today is a wonderful day!", "Today I can", "Today I'll sell more", "Today I'll pass the exam", "Today I'll meet fascinating people" etc…

You'll notice the dramatic positive impact sooner than you think.

Now you must be prepared to answer the question: How are you today?


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