Learn From Everyone

After years of academic education or rather graduating the "university of life", we know more… but we don't know everything...

For most of us, it is pretty clear we don’t know everything - the question is: what's our reaction when someone younger than us / a new employee / a new boss, etc. is teaching us something new, something we didn’t know?

What's our approach to a variety of situations that we experience during the day?

How can you get from those situations the best?

The following article will answer the questions above by offering you a new way of thinking…

I'm Right - I'm Wrong

I'm talking about a war on a regular basis between one part of the brain that holds thoughts like: "I'm right / I know better" or at the very least thoughts like: "I'm never wrong", and the other part of the brain, that holds thoughts such as: "Come on! You don't really know everything!!..."

These two "forces" are not equal.

Moreover, in most cases where people are educated / people who have a senior position / people with long seniority on the job, (as well as people with a "groomed" ego) - it's even more obvious there is no balance between the two, and the part of the brain that holds thoughts like: "I'm right / I know better" is much stronger.

Of course, it's only natural; no one likes to be on the wrong side.

The thing is that at some point the damage will be greater than the desire to stay on the right side.

In this case, a person can turn from some who knows everything to someone who has out-dated knowledge…

In other words, the question ultimately is:

Are You Managing Your Life Effectively Or Are You Letting Life Manage You?

Here are some examples to illustrate the point:

1. Jack worked as an independent contractor for about 15 years in construction.

He learned when he just got into business how to do the best job by doing A, B, and C.

One day, one of his employees, a few years younger than him, came with a new tool and offered to do first B, A and then C.

What did Jack think about this idea?

"Don't tell me what to do!"

"I'm in the business for 15 years!"

Soon enough more and more people from the construction business decided to implement the new system that led to decrease costs and time.

Jack was a hard-working and dedicated, but at some point it just didn't help and the way down from there was very short...

What would have happened if Jack was open to learning new things?

2. Almost everyone who visited in some the Far Eastern countries is aware of the "flexibility of time".

The train scheduled to leave at 16:00? This, of course, is a recommendation...

You can get angry for as much as you like, but it will not make the train come any sooner.

You can ask a local who is waiting with you for the train: "when the train usually arrives?" and get a totally serious answer like: "The train arrives when you'll see it in front of you".

You can order a special bag or a statue with a commitment that the item will be ready in two days.

In some cases, you'll be back after a week and the item still won't be ready.

You can get upset when it happens, though, it doesn't really help.

But why go to the Far East...

The bank teller it working slowly, more and more people are waiting and you have a million errands to run.


It is justified to get angry on the train.

It is justified to get angry about the seller.

It is justified to scream on the bank teller.

But be sure to know – you don't learn anything from doing all the things above...

If so, this is exactly the time to ask yourself if your desire is to be right - or perhaps to learn something that might help you in the future.

What would happen if instead of thinking about how justified is this or that, we would endorse an approach that would make us think - what we can learn from that situation?


You got a new project at work, a project that you don't really want but you must do?

This is exactly the time to ask yourself: "What I can learn from this project?"

Are you stuck on long waiting line?

This is exactly the time to learn to be patient, even though you have every reason to be nervous (justified as it may be).

A little boy begins to teach you something new?

It's one of those times you should listen carefully.

You have a new employee or a new boss?

It doesn't mean a world war is about to break!

That person can turn out to be the best thing that happened to the company.

He may become your best friend.

You may learn from him or her much more than you think.

You were hired for a management position?

It doesn't mean a world war is about to break!

The employees working under you may turn out to be your best partners in carrying out the task at hand.

Some certainly will spend time with you around the poker table.

You might learn from all of them a thing or two.

Life can turn out to be completely different once the dominant approach is "What can I learn from it", it's a matter of practice and persistence - nothing more.


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