"The Magazine" - Introduction

Welcome to the magazine of Inspiring SUCCESS | Personal Development

In this magazine, I'll publish articles on a wide range of topics, which will enrich and elaborate the course in this website.

As I mentioned in the course, success is a natural consequence resulting from a persistence of the basic process.

With that being said, do not be surprised if you read an article that "rings a bell" from the course. It's the basic idea from a different angle, another point of view on the subject.

In the magazine, you will also find articles providing information I found necessary to raise the awareness of… found necessary to share with you - being it a new book I just read, a lecture I attended or a movie I saw.

The Test Of "Knowledge Enrichment"

Every time I learn something new I use the test of "knowledge enrichment".

This is a test that I "run" on any subject simply because my time is limited, and this test helps me distinguish between general information and high-value information.

Although the test has a big, daunting name... it is actually very simple to do.

The test starts with defining a goal – so before you begin reading (a book or an article) / watching (a movie or a documentary) / hearing (a lecture or a self-development audiobook), ask yourself: "what am I looking for here?".

The next step of the test is finding out how this information can enrich your knowledge in the time you dedicate to reading it – now you'll be asking: am I wasting my time reading this, or is it, in fact, enriching my knowledge?

Finally, the test ends with the question: how can you summarize the information to be time efficient without losing its quality, and is it possible at all?

This brings me to the frequency of publishing new articles on the magazine:

My aim is to update the magazine once a week but the main emphasis will be on quality, not quantity.

I strongly recommend subscribing to the updates - that way you'll get notified every time a new article is published.

I truly hope you'll enjoy your reading.


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