Chapter 1 | The Basics

(Part 1 out of 2)

In this chapter, I’ll specify the nature of ideas in your life, the inspiration, the mystery of the mind and keywords you should think about.

Before anything

Before you begin the process, it’s important for you to know where you come from, not only in order to know what you aspire to, but to acknowledge the accomplishments you reached so far, and the mistakes you did and have to correct too - so:

* Be grateful for what you already have.

* Do not be cynical about yourself, people, the past, future, your country and the likelihood of your success.

* Listen / read carefully.

* While reading, write down comments, ideas you found interesting and thoughts that arise during your reading.

* Take advice from your reading, come to your own conclusions and act by them.


We all need ideas: inspiring ideas, business ideas, ideas for a good day, ideas for a good year, ideas for good health, ideas for good relationships, ideas for managing sales, ideas to a better financial future...

Ideas can change lives. Sometimes you need just one more idea in a series of ideas in order for you to change your life, just like in a safe lock - you already have the first five numbers, and you just need that last number to open the safe.

The idea can come from a poem, film, a conversation you had with a friend and possibly from an inspiration.


Some may ask why one person gets inspired and the other does not.

The approach should be - it doesn’t really matter, it falls into the category of 'mysteries of the mind'.

Christianity began with a speech lectured to a big audience, in which at the end there were several reactions:

1. Some listeners were confused. Why were they confused, if the speech was understandable to the common person?

The simple answer is - because they are confused people! No matter who the speaker is.

2. Some listeners sneered and laughed. Why were they sneering and laughing if it was a pretty serious speech? The simple answer is – because they are the sneering type of people. What else would you expect from people like that?

3. Some listeners didn’t know what was going on at all. They were easily identified because they simply asked: "What's going on here?". (:

4. Some listeners believed. That's probably what the speaker was looking for!

In fact, that same day, three thousand listeners believed - Not bad for one day...

In the past, I too would ask myself "Why?" I don’t do that anymore...

It's the mysteries of the mind.

Even back at the beginning of Christianity, no one asked: "Why?": When the speech was over nobody tried to explain it to the confused ones, nobody tried to understand why people sneered and laughed and nobody explained to those who didn’t know what was going on...

On the other hand, what they did was lecture again, lecture elsewhere.

All the ideas mentioned on this site come from the following keywords:

First keyword - Basics:

Success is a basic process, it doesn’t fall from the sky, it isn’t mysterious, it isn’t a miracle. Success is a natural consequence resulting from a persistence of the basic process. A wise man once said: "You don’t need to do extraordinary things to be successful, just do ordinary things extraordinarily”.

80% of the difference

Some things make 80% of the difference: No matter whether we are dealing with our health, wealth or our jobs. The difference between meteoric success and pure failure comes down to our will to look for, learn and work on those things that make 80% of the difference.

Second keyword - Abundance / Wealth:

The word abundance / wealth brings to mind a wide range of associations or a wide variety of images. That’s where our dreams are, where our inspiration is, the driving force. To one person it may mean to do all he wants to do.

To another, it may mean to be free of debts and liabilities. To a third, the word may mean opportunity. To a fourth, the meaning of the word can simply be - millions of dollars, a millionaire.

What does the word abundance / wealth mean to you?

What images come to your mind?

Third keyword - Happiness:

Happiness usually comes as a result of a positive activity.

Just as abundance / wealth, happiness too has a wide range of associations and interpretations.

Happiness is the joy of a new discovery and acquirement of knowledge. Happiness is the result of the awareness of what life has to offer:

The colors, sounds and harmony, happiness is acceptance and giving, happiness is the ability to exist in harmony and ideas in addition to existing on food. However, for many people happiness is something that is not available or not yet discovered.

Like many things in life, happiness seems to be elusive but is certainly achievable.


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