Enthusiasm And Action

During the day, there are quite a few things that distract us.

It seems that today more than ever it's just hard to maintain focused over time, even when you realize that doing it, is in your favor and you're full of enthusiasm.

The following article will provide you with a simple & practical solution, on how to put things into action - at the right time.

It's one of those basic solutions that you and I are aware of them, yet we tend to forget...


Certainly you've run into the following situation or heard of a similar one:

You see a movie / read a book / listen to the radio or a lecture that turns your enthusiasm on something, and makes you want to get up and put things into action!

So for example, you got out of the movie (enthusiastic), you come home and you see your child in the living room watching a program, then you ask: "how are you?" and "what's on TV?"…

After a few seconds, you find yourself staring at the screen... What about your enthusiasm? A little down, it's a little late now, but tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow!

As soon as you come home from work you'll start with it!!

Tomorrow turns into today, you are back from work and just dead tired… and you're enthusiasm? Down some more and you no longer remember exactly what made you so enthusiastic about that subject…

After less than a week that "annual project" turned into a vague memory.

The Solution (and why enthusiasm is not enough?)

I thought a lot about the title of this article, should I use the word "procrastination" or not, and decided to leave the title in its current form.

I wanted to write about the answer – not the problem: I thought this would be easy to remember because this phrase is also the solution - enthusiasm and action!

When it comes to putting things into action, the best time is not "one more day", "another hour", or even "just a minute".

If you are asking me, I'd say the best time is yesterday but since it's not possible, the best time to execute an idea / task / project is NOW – when your enthusiasm is at its peak.

You're probably asking yourself now: "That's why you've decided to write an article?

That fact you just wrote is well known". True, it is known.

Yet you also know that many people do not execute things when their enthusiasm is at its peak - ultimately, the result is: nothing is done.

The tendency is to think that if the idea is so good – enthusiasm will not disappear and you'll still be motivated even after a week.

What is my opinion about it? I think that if the idea is so good – your enthusiasm will grow only if you take action.

The reason is simple:

First: If you haven't started the process, your enthusiasm will fade away - that's our nature.

Second: There are more than enough things that can take you out of focus, and out of the right path… no matter how great your enthusiasm was at the beginning.

It's not enough to be enthusiastic and I'll prove it with an example:

Obviously, it is known that if we'll be sure to carry out a good financial plan it will help us - it's a fact.

It would help us buy a newer car.

It would help us to buy or rent a nice apartment.

It would help us expand our business.

It would help us fulfill our vacation we always dreamed.

(If you do not find something that makes you excited you're welcome to add your own ideas...)

Is it necessary to answer the question "What actually happens?"

There are many temptations; there are constraints and other "background noise" that takes us out of focus.

Why? Because they moved to the center of attention.

They can move to their natural place - the background, when enthusiasm is at its peak!

They stay in the background when you take action (even the smallest one that will start the process) - as soon as enthusiasm at its peak.

Taking action keeps the flame of enthusiasm and often increases it, it also keeps the focus / purpose of which you made it all, and moves away the "background noise".


Apply this method: when your enthusiasm is at its peak – take action!

This method may give an explanation to the phrase:

"Don't say If I could I would, say if I would I could!"

You heard / read something exciting that moves you into action – do it right at that moment!

You happen to see your spouse / your child / your colleague is enthusiastic about something? It's time to recommend him / her to take action right at that moment.

Keep in mind that the key to achievement is incredibly simple – act when the enthusiasm is at its peak, or in other words:

Enthusiasm and action!


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