Chapter 1 | The Basics - Part 2

(Part 2 out of 2)

Fourth keyword - Discipline:

Discipline is the bridge between thought and accomplishment.

As time passes, we often drift with the flow, and with the drift often comes complacency, negativity, disappointment, and failure.

You can think of discipline as the key that opens the door to happiness, wealth, sophistication, culture, self-confidence, pride, success and satisfaction.

Discipline is the beginning, midpoint, and end of a process that brings all good things.

Remember, anyone can start this process. Don’t think "If I could, I would have", rather "If I did, I could have”.

Discipline creates devotion and actually serves as 'insurance' against failures.

Start a new process - you can start from any hobby, no matter how small. Size does not matter. What matters is if you start the process and if you continue it until the end.

Declarations are not enough. Start the process only if you really intend to do it.

Sometimes we profess one thing but actually do just the opposite: talk about happiness but actually think negative thoughts, seek greater wealth but actually head toward personal financial disaster.

To avoid this, create yourself a plan:

* If you want abundance - create an abundance plan.

* If you want to be rich – create a plan to richness. Remember (!) You don’t have to be rich to design a plan to be rich.

* If you are ill - Create yourself a health plan.

* If you don’t feel good – create a good feeling plan.

* If you don’t feel smart enough - create a plan to achieve wisdom.

* If you can not – create a capability plan!

Understand that the beginning of a life of abundance, wealth, health, good feeling etc. can happen today!

Both the process and the outcome can start today.

Begin your journey today! Determine to have a fascinating day, to start a new life today, to be involved.

If you have a new idea, today is the time to implement it.

Purchase the first book in your new library - today.

Set your goals - today.

Start eating an apple a day, implementing your health plan - today.

Invest money in your investment account, implementing a wealth plan - today.

Begin intensive reading to promote your plan to blissful thinking - today.

Write that letter you postponed until now - today.

Call that person you postponed talking to - today.

Take your camera and start taking photographs that will become an integral part of your life story - today.

Create a momentum in your commitment to a better life - today.

Prove to yourself the wait is over, that hope from now on means taking action and that belief and action are in charge now.

A new day and a new beginning to your life - with discipline, you won’t believe the list of positive actions you can accomplish on that first day of your new beginning.

What have you got to lose? Only the despair, fear and guilt from the past, only the dissatisfaction, the misery and lack of fulfillment from the past, only the frustration and lack of self-confidence from the past.

Make helping yourself - a pleasure.

Fifth keyword - Success:

Success is both the journey and the destination. Success is accomplishing your goal, big or small, and is the understanding of the potential and power inherent in our lives.

Success is being aware of values and fostering those values through discipline and perseverance.

Success is a process where you leave one thing for something else – from lack of physical activity to being fit, from lack of investment to investing, from eating sweets to fruits and vegetables.

Success is to confirm an invitation, an invitation to change, grow, develop, to reach a better place and with a greater advantage.

More than anything, success is transforming your life to what you want it to be.

To consider all options and refer to all the examples - what do you want for your life?

Remember that success is not a set of standards that society dictates, but a collection of your personal values, which you characterize with clarity and ultimately achieve.

Success is the style and shape you give it, realizing your dreams thus making your life better - for you, the way you define 'a better life'.

This is success!

Think thoroughly about the ideas you need, look for inspiration, don’t waste time on things that are a mystery of the mind. In conclusion, think what goes through your mind upon hearing each of the keywords mentioned on this chapter.


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