Chapter 5 | Five Skills to Success - Part 2

(Part 2 out of 2)

That's all I can / That's the best I can

Question: Is the most you can do all you can do? Surprisingly the answer is: No!

If for example, you'd ask someone to "drop down" and do as many sit-ups as he can. His fitness level isn’t high and he does only five crunches – that’s the most he can do now...

You look at him, see he’s sweating and tired and realize that's probably the most he’s capable of. But are five sit-ups really all he’s capable of?

The answer again is, no - if he rests a little he could do five more, if he’d rest some more he could do another five and after that fifteen more crunches.

How did he go from five sit-ups to fifteen? It’s a "miracle"! :)

If he’ll keep it up, he could do twenty sit-ups. How did he "leap" from fifteen to twenty? It’s a "miracle"...

Would it be correct to say that if he’ll keep it up on a daily basis, he would be able to do fifty sit-ups? The answer is: o b v i o u s l y.

So how can you make miracles happen?

1. Start with what you can.

2. Do it the best you can.

3. Rest a little. Let rest be a necessity, not a goal - the goal is to make "miracles", not to rest.

Think of more options and ways to foster and carry out your insights and life philosophy. Use your attitude, your faith and courage, your commitment and passion, your enthusiasm - and invest it all in your self discipline so they won’t be wasted in vain - your life will thoroughly change.

5. Learn to share: Pass on to someone else.

If you heard of a good idea today, tell it to someone. If you read a good book that inspired and helped you, share the experience with your friends, give them the book.

Here's the beauty of sharing something good with others - when you tell ten people something (on different occasions), they each hear it once, you hear it ten times; so it will probably help you more than it does them. This situation is also known as a “win-win situation".

Share your ideas with others, share your experience, your knowledge.

You might enjoy it even more than I do; just like I'm telling you now...

You can begin this process by recommending a book to your best friend.

He’ll read the book and then another book and another, and one day he’ll say to you:

"Thanks to your recommendation my way of thinking changed, you opened my eyes, I changed my approach and I’m on the right track ever since!".

Share with your children.

Share with your colleagues.

Share with everyone around you.

Sharing does not only help you and the person you are sharing with, it makes you larger than life. The more you share your knowledge, experience and ideas, the more knowledge, experience and ideas you get back.

You may ask: "How much knowledge can a person absorb?" The answer is:

As much as you are willing to teach him - the problem is not the place "to store" the knowledge, the problem is shortage of teachers...

You too have no problem with storage place and you too can absorb knowledge, by sharing your knowledge with others.

When sharing - your awareness grows.

When sharing - you get to hear your good ideas once more.

When sharing - you receive back knowledge, a knowledge that will assist you to better confront the future.

Learn to share - it's a great honor and a huge privilege.

Chapter summary:

* When you absorb information, don’t absorb the words only; take notice of the overall picture, take notice of the ambiance, the colors, and sounds.

* Let life touch you, let feelings touch you - not just words or pictures, for it's important that your feelings are not less developed than your wisdom.

* Learn to think and reflect, run back "your tape" occasionally and think about everything that's happened to you - moreover, lock these thoughts and use them as an investment in you future.

* The best value you can give your family, community, your workplace and the state is: increase your value and not sacrifice yourself.

* "You take care of me and I take care of you" should be changed to – "I will take care of myself in order to take care of you, and you take care of yourself in order to take care of me". Develop yourself so you and your loved ones will enjoy your value.

* The time to carry out an idea is when it’s "blazing hot" and you’re really excited about it.

* Implement self discipline while excitement is at its peak and the idea loud and clear.

* Remember self discipline in a certain area influences self discipline in another.

* Negligence begins as an infection, and if not treated will become a disease.

* Statements you make but don’t carry out are the beginning of illusions.

* You can do more than you think... You too can make "miracles"...

* Learn to share - when you tell ten people something, they each hear it once, you hear it ten times; so it’ll probably help you more than it does them.

* Sharing your knowledge with others is a great honor and a huge privilege.


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