Aspirations And Dreams

When you are a child even the sky is not the limit...

There is no limit to the amount of dreams and desires and most of all, you have no doubt you'll fulfill them all, yes, that includes been superman!

The following article is devoted for everyone (but especially the older ones) who feels that routine and cynicism replaced their innocence and aspirations.

The goal of this article is to show that no matter what your age, who you are or what you are - you can succeed.

I also recruited reality for this article, since it provided me a special unique case I'll discuss in the next paragraph.

Susan Boyle

No matter where you were on earth at that time, (and I really mean it because she appeared in a substantial amount of news and articles around the world), you probably know who is Susan Boyle.

In case you visited another planet during that time, here are some brief details:

* She lives in a British village.

* She is certainly not considered a top model.

* She decided to go to the British "American Idol".

* She stunned the audience and the panel of judges with her singing.

* The total video views on YouTube and other video sharing sites are about 100 million.

You are invited to see her on this video:

The Secret Magic

How many times you were offered something, or you wanted to fulfill a dream, or heard a similar conversation followed by this answer: "Do you think at my age I can do that?", or "I'm too old for that!", or "If I was your age I might have done it" and other kinds of excuses...

Yes, excuses.

You can fill pages and pages of excuses why Mrs. Boyle did not have to do it...

But she didn't think about excuses – and she did it Big Time!

There is no difference between you, me and Mrs. Boyle.

We are all human beings, meaning we all have the ability to try and try and try again (!) till we succeed.

Instead of making excuses - dare to try.

It was Thomas Edison who said: "I did not fail, because every attempt I got rid of, took me another step forward" - If you fail, it's wonderful! It means you are one more step towards success.

Thomas Edison failed thousands of times until he reached his successful invention called the electric bulb.

Who knows how many times failed Susan Boyle till success knocked on her door – a success she certainly deserves.

Remember the following sentence:

Your approach shouldn't be: "If I could I would" but "if I would I could".

What's Your Dream?

Susan Boyle dreamed of singing in front of a large crowd, at the age of 47 she fulfilled her dream, with style!

An audience applauding and cheering, a team of judges absolutely overwhelmed and viewers from all over the globe...

What's your dream?

What are the goals you have set yourself in order to fulfill your dream?

There is a "Confidential" message provided by Ms. Boyle to everyone who watched her, the message is loud and clear.

She gave you and everyone who watched the following message: "You too can fulfill your dream".

I dare you to argue with her... :)


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