Your Biggest Fear

If there was some kind of a "wanted" list of "things" you have to put in jail, in order to be successful in whatever you like, fear was probably on the top of the list…

As you might have guessed, the topic of this article is: fear.

The article will answer the following questions:

What fear does (not) make us do?

How to cope with fear and replace it with confidence?

What to do with disturbing thoughts?

What Does Fear Do?

Fear is real!

The fact is that fear paralyzes a lot of people... You may identify with some of the following:

- Fear closes your mouth when you have to speak in public.

- Fear prevents you from turning your idea into money.

- Fear prevents you from asking out on a date the girl / guy you like.

- Fear prevents you from talking to your boss about a raise.

Our friends might have good intentions when they say: "Look it's just your imagination, do not worry, you have nothing to fear" - but there is a lot to fear from! You and I know this "cure" against fear is not really useful...

No doubt, fear is indeed paralyzing and real.

Fear is a very powerful force. Fear prevents people from realizing their goals, dreams and aspirations.

What's The Solution?

The solution is understanding the following simple fact:

Everyone can obtain and develop self-confidence, no one is born with it – all the people with self confidence that you know acquired it like everybody else.

How to get confidence and get rid of fear?

Do exactly the thing you fear from.

Action cures fear!

Afraid of speaking in public? Stand up and speak before an audience!

Afraid to go and ask him / her on a date? Go ahead and ask!

Afraid to ask for a promotion? Go to your boss and ask for promotion!

The more you focus on fear rather than the action, the more difficult (if not impossible) it is to get rid of the fear...

Here is a fear that almost everyone has at some point in their life, the fear of what will people say / what will people think...

This fear should be put in perspective.

Some of those people who like to criticize on a regular basis, are the same people who are afraid to do exactly that thing you are already doing - Take it as proof that you're in the right path on your way to success.

"There are times when the last thing you should be interested about, is what people would think or say…" - I'm sure that is what they would tell you, if you meet the inventors of the telephone, airplane, computer printer and some other great people which you can read about in the article about faith.

Sometimes there is this fear that maybe things might not work out, or a feeling that something really bad is going to happen... The solution to this fear is to turn your thoughts to things you have control over (instead of thinking about a general fear).

It is recommended to start from something small:

If for example you're afraid of your financial future, sitting down and thinking a minute after about how to "inject" into your bank account millions of dollars, would just frustrate you even more. Start small - find a book or a good movie that can inspire you.

You are concerned about variance thoughts on fear and can't get rid of them?

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to change an atmosphere - it's just the time to help your neighbor with a computer problem, or to make that phone call to a good friend you postponed.

On those things you do have control.

Doing those things is not ignoring your fears, I call it actively stopping the fear from becoming bigger and bigger for no reason, and allowing you to come later and deal with it – in the right perspective.


They say that fear is the enemy of your success.

I do not know if that is the biggest enemy, but it definitely has a place of honor in a variety of factors that can prevent you from becoming successful.

The good news is that you can cope with fear and even successfully.

Some of the most famous speakers started as shy children who were afraid to say a word.

The most successful businessmen started as rookies, some of them even declared bankruptcy several times before reaching the status they hold today.

Some of the most famous actors began with a very real fear they will forget their lines...

For some it came more easily, some less - but they all won various fears with action.

So what is your greatest fear?

Are you going to attack it - by taking action, or let it grow?


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