Chapter 2 | Developing a Personal Philosophy - Part 2

(Part 2 out of 2)

Definition of success:

Practicing simple acts of self-discipline, daily.

It can be said without a doubt, that if you decide to eat an apple instead of chocolate, you're beginning the process of changing your life extremely.

If you implement this process today, not only on your health and eating habits, but on your saving habits, your inter-personal communication habits, your management habits or any other habit you have... If you begin the process of dismissing your mistakes and replacing them with practicing self-discipline, you could start the process of changing your life immediately.


Starting today, you don't have to be like you were until now - only by choice.

It's enough to start from something as small as an apple a day for example, or starting a walking routine around your neighborhood. Imagine what the outcome would be after six years.


In the next six years, Rohn became a millionaire.

You're asking how it happened? Well, six years later "surprisingly" the same government was still in office, tax rates were still the same, economy was the same, the circumstances were the same circumstances, his country was still the same, everything was the same... So how did he become rich?

How did he change his life? He was not the same!

How did he do it? He began by changing his life philosophy - he corrected errors changed the way he thought, started thinking of ideas he didn't think of in the past, what with being too busy blaming others.

He did it until his last day.


The same thing can happen to you: whether you're a teenager, a family man, businessman, sales manager, an electrician... whichever.

This process is called a personal change, beginning with changing your life philosophy.

Your life philosophy will determine whether you'll be self-disciplined or you'll continue making mistakes.

This change won't involve moving to another country, but it will require you to change your life philosophy.

Once you do that you could change your income, the status of your bank account, your skills, your health, your ability to influence and all other material and spiritual assets you have.


Don't go seeking other countries or another planet, look for a book to read, look for another idea, demand of yourself to be persistent and you could begin the process - it's as simple as eating an apple a day or starting a walking routine around the neighborhood (why not start there?).

Start from the small things, gradually moving up your personal ladder.


Chapter summary:

* What affects your life is your life philosophy.

* You should change your life philosophy if you want to change your future for the better.

* Failure: Several judgment errors repeated daily.

* Success: Practicing simple acts of self-discipline, daily.

* You could start from the small things, like eating an apple a day or starting a walking routine around the neighborhood, and continue on from there...

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